Arrow is leaving Starling City and heading to Russia! Diggle finds out the Lyla has gone missing in Moscow while searching for Deadshot. In “Keep Your Enemies Closer,” Oliver and Felicity decide to help Diggle find her, but their quest gets unexpectedly complicated when Isabel Rochev decides to tag along.

“What happens in Russia … stays in Russia.”

Oliver uses his Russian connections to help Diggle find Lyla. And, he’s told that with enough money, he can buy anything in Russia. Somehow, Diggle finds himself a prisoner and chained to a pipe across from his foe, Deadshot.

“Keep Your Enemies Closer” Clip

Oliver’s Russian contact finds Lyla in the worst gulag in the country called “The Nightmare.” He warns them, “It’s filled with violent psychopaths and killers. And, that’s just the guards.” She broke into the gulag, but wasn’t able to find a way out.

Diggle is determined to get in and save Lyla and he’s going in as a prisoner.


Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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