The final scene of “Dark Waters” was about as dark as Arrow has ever been in its four year run. Oliver and Felicity had finally got engaged, only for them to be attacked and Felicity to slump lifeless into Oliver’s arms. Since that dreary cliffhanger, Arrow has played it notoriously coy with Felicity’s fate. She was intentionally not shown in many of the promo materials for the midseason and Arrow kept the secret of her fate surprisingly quiet. Now in the chilling fallout episode, “Blood Debts,” the answer of what happened to Felicity is finally revealed.

OG Team Arrow Problems

The episode opens back up on the final shot of the premiere with Barry and Oliver in front of that grave. There’s no new information, it’s just a little taste of Oliver’s anger. While Oliver is obviously upset in the future, it pales in comparison to Oliver’s mood in present. As we jump back to our current time, Oliver is full on broody anger mode. It’s season 1 “Terminator Oliver” without the list. He is stopping for no one until he finds Damien Darhk for what he did to Felicity.

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As for Felicity, she is alive but not particularly well. Felicity’s been in and out of surgery and she is going in for one more that will supposedly fix her spine. Oliver apparently hasn’t been into visit her because he is on his manhunt for Darhk. This is a fact that everyone but Felicity has a problem with understanding or accepting. 

Diggle goes home to Lyla. He is upset that Andy has been unhelpful and uncooperative. Lyla tells Dig that maybe Andy isn’t working with Dig because he isn’t treating Andy like his brother. Dig is treating Andy like his enemy. Maybe if John punched Andy a little bit less, he would be a teensy bit more helpful. Diggle doesn’t think much of the suggestion.

An Old Villain with a New Face

With Lance’s help, Oliver finds Darhk’s old base empty, filled with dead bodies and Anarky’s symbol on the wall. When Thea finds out, she is worried about what Anarky’s return means for her. She is the one who attacked the man and evidently turned him into a murderous psychopath. Thea tells Laurel that her bloodlust has dissipated but it’s still a concern. Laurel comforts Thea because the Thea and Laurel friendship is the source of goodness and happiness in this world.

Thanks to some investigative work, Thea (and the rest of the team) come face to face with Anarky. He’s way more unhinged than he was last time. He’s now wearing a disturbing mask, to cover his disfigurement by Thea’s hands and is way too calm about murder and mayhem. Anarky is not resentful of Thea though. He’s grateful that she showed him his true potential, as a murderous psychopath. Thea is about to shoot Anarky but Laurel once again comes in to rescue Thea. Using Laurel’s Canary Cry, the team knocks Anarky out and takes him back to the cave for some good ‘ole information torturing. 

Felicity’s Fate Revealed 

Well, Oliver is the only one who wants to torture Anarky. All the other (sane) members of the team, want to take the mentally ill guy to prison. Oliver, as per usual, overrides them. Oliver’s punching fest of Anarky is interrupted by Thea. Thea tells Oliver that Donna texted her. Felicity is out of surgery and it doesn’t sound like it went well. Oliver finally goes to the hospital. 

Oliver finds find a very angry and upset Donna at the hospital. She tells Oliver the news from Felicity’s surgery. The damage to Felicity’s spinal cord is permanent. According to the doctors, Felicity will never walk again. Oliver asks to see Felicity but he overhears the news story. Laurel has had Anarky arrested. Oliver leaves the hospital and goes to find Anarky. Oliver frees him and tells Anarky to go after Darhk and kill him.

A furious Laurel confronts Oliver over his clearly crazy behavior. Oliver goes all ultimatum on her (again). Oliver tells Laurel that he is using Anarky to find Darhk and he has it under control (he doesn’t). When Laurel is unable to reach Oliver, Dig takes over. Dig tells Oliver that he understands he is hurting. Dig doesn’t want Oliver to lose what made Felicity fall in love with him in the first place trying to get justice for her attack. This method of persuasion works slightly better than Laurel’s attempt.

Flashback Break

In the much less interesting flashback storyline, Oliver’s treachery been discovered by Conklin. Conklin takes him back to Reiter, who orders Oliver to be whipped. Reiter stops the whipping once he notices the tattoo that Constantine gave Oliver. Reiter realizes that because of this tattoo, Oliver might be the key to his plans. Oliver promises to work with Reiter if the latter lets Taiana live and go free. Reiter agrees, much to Conklin’s dismay. The guy REALLY loves whipping people.

The Final(ish) Fight

Okay, back to the real stuff. The team convinces Oliver to go talk to Felicity. It’s a lovely and emotional scene that reminds you why anyone roots for them as a couple. Felicity gets Oliver to calm down and come back to himself a bit. Oliver assures Felicity that he still loves her and always will. It doesn’t matter to him if she’s paralyzed. When Felicity falls back to sleep, Laurel comes to the hospital to get Oliver. Dig followed Lyla’s advice and got some much needed information from Andy. The team knows where Darhk lives and where Anarky was heading. The battle is on.

At Darhk’s home, Anarky has Darhk’s wife and daughter tied up. Thea and Oliver take him on in a surprising awesome fight scene. Anarky might be a whack job but he has got some serious moves. During the fight, Anarky escapes causing Oliver and Thea to split up. Oliver runs into Damien Darhk, while Thea finds Anarky.

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A double fight ensues between Damien and Oliver and Thea and Anarky. A “fight” is a very loose term because both Queens get their collective asses handled to them on a sliver quiver. Darhk uses his magic to neutralize Oliver. Damien tells Oliver that he will let him live for now because Oliver saved Darhk’s family. Darhk will come after the Green Arrow again. In the Thea and Anarky showdown, Thea shows Anarky mercy. Thea doesn’t kill him and Anarky escapes by overpowering her. It’s not the proudest moment for either of the Queen siblings, as both just kind of take their defeat. Thea is at least trying to show restraint though. Oliver clearly had no plan whatsoever to defeat Darhk. This is just further proof that Laurel (and Dig) are always right these days.

She’s Alive

As the episode ends we go back to the flash forward at the grave. Finally there is new information on that front. Oliver leaves the grave site and gets into a waiting limo. Inside there is a very distraught (but very alive looking) Felicity. This should (mercifully) put an arrow in the “Felicity Will Die” theory. Felicity tells Oliver that he needs to kill the son of a bitch. So basically the same thing that Oliver said to Barry moments before but it sounds way more ominous coming out of Felicity’s mouth. 

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