In The Walking Dead graphic novels, Rick is still with Andrea. And while they were never together in the TV series, Michonne has taken her place from the novels. I’ve never really bought into their relationship. Michonne has always been standoffish. The softer side we see with Rick is unnerving, and it’s clear it’s making her lose focus.

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Michonne Is Better Hard

Michonne is a badass. She walked around with two walkers and a samurai when we first met her. In this latest season 7 episode, she drops her sword at the thought of losing Rick. The old Michonne never would have let her guard down, even if she lost someone she loved. Michonne being in love could be dangerous for herself and for others in the group.

Plus, she’s a really good fighter. When she loses her focus, things could end badly. A hard, damaged Michonne is better for everyone.

Rick Could Lose Focus

There’s a very slight chance that Rick could lose focus to the task at hand. The more he plays house with Michonne, the longer it could take for the war on Negan to take place. He needs to stay on track. Get the guns, get more groups involved and then take down Negan. Any distraction could be fatal.

The Chemistry Is Off

I’ve always thought the chemistry between the pair is off. The relationship has “bloomed” over the past two seasons, but in “Say Yes,” they still seem awkward together. The relationship seems forced. In the graphic novels, Andrea and Rick really seem in love — she even considers Carl her son. She pushes him to be a leader. Michonne pushing him to be a leader, to me, almost makes her seem weak, worried what she would do without him. And while she does want things to work out after Negan is defeated, she still seems scared and Rick doesn’t seem concerned. And while Michonne has had a special relationship with Carl, I don’t think she’s ever considered him her son.

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What About Ezekiel?

In the novels, Michonne has a relationship with Ezekiel. Eventually, she loves him so much, she ends up pushing him away and leaving the community. I can’t see that happening with her and Rick. But I can see that happening between Ezekiel and Carol. And while I think that Rick and Michonne are mismatched, I do think Ezekiel and Carol are a fantastic pair. So perhaps, in the end, the series is doing some good there.

What do you think about Rick and Michonne’s relationship? Do you think they make a good pair, or is it just a distraction? Who do you think Michonne should be with it? What about Rick? Or should everyone just stay friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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