Tomorrow night marks the America’s Next Top Model: College Edition season finale! Nastasia Scott was a shoe-in for the Top 3, yet she met her elimination last week. Making it to the Top 4, Nastasia made it look so easy. Her beautiful photos exude “model” and she managed to keep out of drama’s way, too!

Care to see what Nastasia had to say about being a part of this season’s crazy ups and downs? Luckily, I had the opportunity to give her a “final exam” interview. I’d like to take the time to thank her for answering my questions.

Name: Nastasia Scott

College Attended: East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Go warriors WOOT WOOT!!

Do you feel you represented your school well? What has the reaction been to your appearance on the show? 

I definitely feel that I represented my school well. My school mascot is a warrior so I tried to have that fighter spirit throughout the competition. The people at my school have been extremely supportive of me and only have good things to say.

Which previous models and/or challenges inspired you to tryout for ANTM

I loved Nik Pace and Naima. They were some of my favorite contestants on the show. I’ve always wanted to do the show, I felt like it would be a challenge for me.

What do you feel your strengths were, going into the competition? 

I felt like my biggest strength was just going for it and taking risks. Watching the show back I’m always glad that I stayed 100 percent true to my personality.

The show has undergone tons of changes for this College Edition. Is there any aspect of the previous make-up that you feel you missed out on?  

I actually really enjoyed the new changes. I loved the old judges but this year’s judges were awesome too.  They really know what they are talking about.

How do you feel about the newly incorporated social media aspect of ANTM

I thought it was great that the fans of the show really know that their opinions matter. They played such a role in who stays and who goes.

Given the opportunity, would you go through the process again? And if so, what would you do differently? 

I would definitely go through the process again. I have no regrets, but I would be even more focused if I were to do it all over.

How has this experience changed your personal/professional life? 

A lot of opportunities have opened up for me, which I am so excited about. My life hasn’t changed too much except now I have even more friends.

What are your aspirations as a model? 

My goal is to do as much modeling as I can, while getting my degree. School is super important to me, and so is modeling, so I know I can work it out.

Who do you believe is the strongest of the remaining models? 

I’m not sure who the strongest is of the bunch. I really think they all have the potential to win the whole thing. I know they are all going to bring it in the finale!

(Image courtesy of The CW)

Jilliane Johnson

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