It’s a big night on The X Factor! Award winning singer/songwriter and famous ex-girlfriend to some of Hollywood’s most eligible heartthrobs, Taylor Swift will perform tonight. 

We’ll see how you voted last night, America. Two acts will be sent home via Mario and Khloe’s unpredictable teleprompter readings. Will tonight’s results match up with my predictions? Only time will tell and I’m sure they will delay these results until the very bittersweet end.

Something about Khloe’s pantsuit makes me think, “She needs to wear pants all of the time.” She looks less of a problem. Will her actions match her appearance, though? That’s the question.

Cue the montage of last night’s performances. Between snippets of the Top 12 on stage, we get to see some behind the scenes footage of each of the acts. 

First to go home

“First to leave the competition and going home tonight is …” starts Mario. Beatrice Miller looks on with tears in her eyes, her lip quivering. “… going to be revealed right after this,” he finishes. That was pretty lame and Paige Thomas agrees.

First to go home (Really)

Lyric 145

WHAT?! “We had a hip-hop song that got snatched away from us at the very last minute,” says Lyric Da Queen. What does that mean? Did Simon make a wrong call with that last minute change to their song selection? This is sad because Lyric 145 brought a truly unique energy and flavor to the show.

Guest Performance

Taylor Swift

“State of Grace”

Are we allowed to critique Taylor’s performance? Of course we are! I enjoy her lyrics. They’re very witty and catchy, with imagery like a story tale (aka country song lyrics). Is she the best at live performances? Maybe not so much. Sure, she works the crowd and shows that girl-next-door personality, yet it’s a bit boring. The light show behind the band and the band are more exciting than she is. 

“Be nice to people,” says Taylor as she speaks with Khloe and Mario. This is her advice to young people in the competition. So being nice will help you achieve six Grammy awards? So that’s her secret!

Khloe Flubs Up … Again!

Khloe doesn’t seem to be able to read correctly and Mario gives the look of the night. It was more like a “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” look. Amazing how horribly they work together.

Are Khloe and Mario passing the Co-Host test?

Going to the Top 10


Arin Ray

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Diamond White

Beatrice Miller

Over 25s

Vino Alan

Tate Stevens



Young Adults

CeCe Frey (Really, America?)

Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and Fifth Harmony are the last three to hear their fate. Who will go straight through to the next round?

Fifth Harmony!

Unfortunately, that means that Jennel and Paige, both from Demi’s group, will have to sing for their lives.

Save Me Performances

Jennel Garcia

“The Reason” by Hoobastank

This is a really good song selection, I think. She’s able to show off her vocal abilities, show her emotions and also keep a potential rock star status. 

Paige Thomas

“Paradise” by Coldplay

Another interesting song choice for Paige. She doesn’t display the same emotions as Jennel has, but her vocals are strong and her stage presence is like that of a veteran. 

Neither of these women should be in the bottom two. But now the judges must cast their votes.

Votes to Go

LA – Jennel

Britney – Jennel

Simon – TBD

Yes, Simon, the boss, wants Demi to go first. Mario says no. Simon says, “I want to know who Demi’s going to choose. Mario listens to the boss. Demi has a dramatic pause and throws it back to Simon. Mario explains that we’re dealing with lives and careers here. Khloe stands on stage like a deer in headlights. We finally have an answer. 

Demi – Paige (Well played. She’s trying to save Jennel while not directly sending anyone home.)

Simon – Jennel

Eliminated: Jennel Garcia

“I’m just happy that I made it this far,” Jennel says, fighting back the tears. “You have a future ahead of you, so I’m not worried,” Demi says through her own tears. 

Vote Rankings

10. Paige Thomas

9. Arin Ray

8. Beatrice Miller

7. Diamond White

6. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

4. Emblem3

3. Vino Alan

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar

1. Tate Stevens

“For a show who hasn’t had a country artist on it,” Tate says, “It feels good!” 

Battle Poll: Who sang “My Heart Will Go On” Better, Carly Rose Sonenclar or The Voice’s Sylvia Yacoub?

Well, that was sure full of some surprises wasn’t it? Both of the eliminated artists did not deserve to go home. There are two, maybe more, acts that I hope wave goodbye to cameras in the coming weeks. What do you think of the double whammy tonight? 

Next week on The X Factor, it’s a Thanksgiving extravaganza! Not sure what that means, but we’ll have another episode of live performances. Tune in Wednesday night to Fox.

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