Nik Pace
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Erika “Nik” Pace was born on August 24, 1984 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was a student at Bradley Tech High School, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was in her third year. Prior to her participation on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, Nik was working as an office coordinator and was under the care of Elite Model Management. She is half-Italian and half-African-American. Nik is fond of Barbie dolls and is most known for her bubble-eyes.

Although Nik was often criticized for not showing enough of her beautiful face in her photographs, the judges brought her all the way to the Top 2, along with other Top Model Finalist Nicole Linkletter . During the shoot for Secret Platinum Deodorant, Nik got into a fight with fellow Top Model Finalist, Jayla Rubinelli . Nik felt that Jayla stole her secret, which was her fear of the dark. Because of this, Nik gave Jayla the silent treatment after the photo shoot. Nik and Jayla resolved their issues when they, along with the other Top 6 finalists, were flown to London. Bre did extremely well during the “Bollywood-themed” and CoverGirl shoots, but when it came down to the final runway challenge, the judges favored Nicole, consequently making Nik the runner-up.

After her appearance on the show, Nik received a contract from Fusion Model Management in New York. She has graced the pages of ElleGirl Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Complex Magazine, VIBE Magazine, Essence Magazine, , and appeared on the cover of MetroPop Magazine. She has also modeled for VIGOSS U.S.A Jeans, Snuggle and L’Oreal. Her runway projects include Fashion Institute of Technology 2006, LIM 2006, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, and Tamara Pogosian Spring/Summer 2007.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Erika Pace




– She signed with Fusion Model Management in New York.




5′ 8″ (1.73 m)


“I didn’t come here to make friends, I didn’t some here to make enemies. I came here for an opportunity.”