It’s Wednesday night! That’s right. Push all your hump-day workweek woes to the side because we’ve got an all-new live performance episode of The X Factor

The Top 12 perform for your votes tonight, but make sure to pay close attention in order to vote for your favorites. Tomorrow’s live results show is an important one. No, not just because Taylor Swift will perform. Two contestants will be eliminated!

Take a look back at Jason Brock’s season in review 

Tonight’s Theme: Divas

“I think it’s going to boil down, in this competition, to true talent,” says Britney. Uhm, this is a talent show. Keyword being TALENT. Isn’t that the obvious? Maybe Britney should just sit around and look pretty from here on out?

Khloe and Mario walk out to center stage hand-in-hand, probably so that Khloe doesn’t slip in her 15-inch heels. She looks like a gold leafed disco ball. 

If you guys recall, last week, Mario and Khloe announced the scoreboard based on America’s votes. While Tate Stevens sat on top with the most votes, CeCe Frey was ranked at the bottom. Wipe all of that out of your mind because we’re starting fresh this week. 

Khloe calls Simon “one of the biggest divas of the night.” Unfortunately, none of his acts placed very high on the leader board. Now, about tonight’s “Divas” theme. Emblem3 taking on a song by the likes of Celine Dion? I’m scared. 

Jennel Garcia

Category: Young Adults

“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner

Diva in training? She’s no Tina Turner, but she sure is working this stage! Forget the production of dancers and backup singers behind her. Jennel is skipping from side to side of the stage in a full routine and all while staying on key. Her hair looks good, too.

“You just returned to the competition,” LA says. Britney goes as far as to say, “Tina would be proud.” Simon is even on board. Maybe listening to Simon’s advice isn’t such a bad idea after all, Demi.

Tate Stevens

Category: Over 25s

“From This Moment” by Shania Twain

Okay, so obviously Tate wouldn’t be compared to a “divA” persay, but he commands a stage like the best of them. This particular song doesn’t only show his passion for his wife and family, but his range, as well. An emotional Tate gives a really great performance as his wife looks on backstage.

Demi hates to say it, but “you were so good!” Simon agrees. “That was better than last week,” he says. The confidence given to his ego from receiving the most votes is definitely giving him a boost. You really have to just love this guy, though.

Backstage with Khloe

Has Khloe gotten any better with interviewing the contestants? Not really, no. Arin Ray can’t complete his statement because Khloe has pulled the microphone back too early. Too bad Mario is stuck in the middle of young, attractive women from the audience. 

Diamond White

Category: Teens

“Halo” by Beyonce

Perfect song choice. So glad Diamond was brought back because these performances were definitely worth seeing. Her vocals are on point and she has some potential diva in there, too.

“This week is kind of perfect for you,” Demi says, “because you are a total diva in the best way possible.” Simon believes we’re witnessing a future star. I could see it. 

Diamond mentions to Mario that she welcomes an alter ego, of sorts, to the stage when she performs. Khloe chimes in, offering the names of her personalities; Khloe and Khlo-Money. Wow. 

Beatrice Miller

Category: Teens

“Time After Time” by Cindi Lauper

First of all, why is she wearing a beanie that reads, “YOLO.” (YOLO = You Only Live Once) It’s a bit distracting. Now, seeing as how Beatrice is simply sitting down and singing tonight, her vocals are stronger. She hasn’t done much to change the arrangement, but it’s a good performance. I would move her up from the number 10 spot from last week.

LA doesn’t like the song choice, saying it didn’t do enough for her. Simon likes the song, although, he found it boring and Britney just can’t get the songs right for her. “Simon, she has more talent in her pinky than all of your acts combined,” says Britney. I knew Britney had a soft spot for Beatrice.

Lyric 145

Category: Groups

“We Will Rock You” by Queen and “E.T.” by Katy Perry

Simon announces that the song selection was changed at midnight last night, giving them only a few hours to prepare for this performance. I don’t know what the song was before this, but this change was genius! This mash-up is awesome and their stage presence gets the crowd on their feet.

“You bring an energy this show needs,” Simon says. The energy from the stage seriously needs to make its way down to the judge’s table because three out of four judges gave this performance a thumb’s down. LA wasn’t aware that Freddy Mercury was a diva, Britney thinks the group should stick to hip-hop and Demi is confused. What do you think of the performance?

Arin Ray

Category: Teens

“Crazy For You” by Madonna

Woops! Wrong music cued. Let’s hope this doesn’t mess Arin up during his performance. The passion he’s emitting on stage is apparently for his “friend” Normani from Fifth Harmony. Yes, it’s a budding X Factor love connection.

“You taking on that song is like asking a cat to eat a tiger,” Simon says. Wait, what did he say? Anyways, as you can imagine from Simon’s comment, the judges weren’t too crazy about this performance. Arin did what he could with the song, but come on, Britney. Out of ALL the Madonna songs, and after kissing the woman, this is the only song you could think of? Fail.

Paige Thomas

Category: Young Adults

“Last Dance” by Donna Summer

Yeah, it may be a disco tune, but Paige has the vocals to really bring it home. The opening is, by far, the best part. Once the dances scurry over and the beat kicks in, things get a bit tougher. She sticks with it, though. It’s her best performance yet.

LA agrees with me, saying “that was the best yet!” Simon brings up an interesting topic. He says that the dancers were distracting and Demi actually explains that she wanted something completely different on stage. “I like my dancers, Simon,” says Paige. Spoken like a true diva.

Fifth Harmony

Category: Groups

“Hero” by Mariah Carey

We knew Mariah would be represented on this show at some point in time. Simon got it right, having Fifth Harmony take on this particular diva. Their harmonies are impeccable. 

“I think Simon is doing amazing with you guys,” Britney says. I get the feeling that LA agrees, but he just doesn’t want to admit it so, instead, he nitpicks at their performance. These girls could go all the way.

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Category: Teens

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

Move over, Celine! This 13 year old girl has just outdone a true diva. She’s just won the show. Yeah, I know we’re weeks away from the finale, but Carly Rose is, without a doubt, a winner.

“We could be looking at the winner,” says LA. That’s the only comment you need with a performance like this. I feel sorry for those who have to follow that last note!

Khloe vs Mario: Who’s the bigger diva?

“I can’t compare with you,” Mario says. Yeah, I agree.

Vino Alan

Category: Over 25s

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

Vino lends a gritty feel to this soulful classic and it works. Sure, he could do better, but for what he’s given, he does alright.

“I have to admit I was a little bored,” says Demi. Simon says that Vino’s voice is designed for a moment that he hasn’t achieved yet.

Khloe Flubs … again!

While explaining to viewers at home how to vote, Khloe mutters, “you don’t want them!” She giggles and rubs on Vino, who looks at her with a confused stare, attempting to make a joke of it all. No, we saw you and you really need more coaching at this host gig.

Simon has a very important announcement to make about his last group to perform tonight. “I’m not trying to get anyone to vote for them or anything, but I just want to say that they saved a group of kittens from drowning in a lake last week,” he says. Simon is, by far, the best mentor and he’s pretty creative, too!


Category: Groups

“No One” by Alicia Keys

Last song I would have ever picked for these guys. Does it work? With Simon on your team, of course it does! It’s a slowed down, reggae infused take on the song. Keaton could still use some dance classes just to learn some basic moves.

“I totally get why the girls are swooned by you,” says Britney. “You guys are complete heartthrobs.” I suppose that means she likes the quality of the performance?

CeCe Frey

Category: Young Adults

“All By Myself” by Celine Dion

The song hasn’t even started yet and she sounds emotional. This is definitely a difference from her usual spectacles on stage. It’s simply her and a microphone. She’s softer with long flowing locks, dressed in a ball gown. The money moment is the power note which she nails, but then the wind machine comes on. It cuts her off as soon as she gets started.

While LA struggles to give his criticism, Demi chimes in, “Sorry she was better than Vino.” That was pretty rude. When Britney gives her comments, Demi is quiet and why? “Nobody talks to the queen that way,” she says. Demi just knows that she has to try harder for CeCe because she’ll most likely be going home soon.

Best Comment of the Night:

“The song was called ‘All By Myself’. That would have been better all by yourself like no one in the room.” – Simon, you just have to love him!

Well, all drama aside. Your Top 12 have performed and it’s time to vote. Who will you vote for? I can tell you who won’t get my vote. CeCe Frey won’t. Not after that failed attempt at looking sexy in front of the wind machine. It took the good notes right out of her mouth just like Mario takes the teleprompter’s words right out of Khloe’s before the show ends!

The Top 12 have performed and tomorrow on The X Factor results show two acts will go home. Make sure you tune in Thursday night to see who gets the axe as well as a performance by Taylor Swift.

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