Hot on the heels of Carrie Underwood‘s American Idol legitimizing Grammy win comes rumblings from across the pond, Britain’s Daily Star to be precise, that American Idol judge Simon Cowell has planted a contestant.   Live competition has not even begun and we have already lost an alleged three American Idol hopefuls, could the supposed Cowell Idol implant be the next to resign from competition?  And would such a resignation impact Cowell’s position on the show?
The contestant in question is Tom Lowe.  Tom auditioned in Seattle, but his audition was not aired in the us, instead it appeared on the British airing of American Idol.  Since getting the thumbs up from American Idol judges,  it has been revealed that Lowe once had a deal with BMG records.  During the audition, Lowe mentioned that he had met Cowell as part of that deal, a meeting the caustic American Idol judge claimed he could not remember.

The real complications here are forming up amongst the American Idol season 6 contestants.  One in particular went as far as to break his/her confidentiality agreement to make the following comment to the Daily Star:

“It’s really suspicious that they were at the same record company. Simon claims he doesn’t remember him but there’s a feeling among some people that this could be a fix. A career in the States could be worth $195 million so there’s a lot at stake and people aren’t happy.”

Surely Lowe has his supporters amongst the other contestants, but imagine being ‘Cowell’s little boy’ amongst 159 other hopefuls clawing and scratching their way to making a name for themselves from total obscurity.  Not a good climate for either side of the American Idol fence if you ask me.

Of course it is just as likely that Lowe’s connection to Cowell is at best superficial.  We all know that Cowell doesn’t impress easily,  if he merely passed by Lowe in the BMG offices it’s unlikely he would remember him no matter how firm a handshake the kid had.  To the contestants revving up for their first week of American Idol competition, on the other hand, tensions and vigilance are high and a casual encounter like that could easily be blown out of proportion

– Jon Lachonis, Buddytv Features Writer


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