Jet lag, odd food, global travel, lack of sleep, time pressures and competition…these elements would be enough of a test on the strongest of relationships.  And for a relationship that might have some pretty big issues in the first place?  The Amazing Race is like an express train to breakdown.  Here are some of the best of recent seasons.

5. Adam and Rebecca (Season Six):
They were actually a “formerly-dating” couple, so it’s not entirely fair to include them.  Rebecca’s own fear for the race was that she and Adam would “kill each other and be able to finish the Race because [they would] be dead.”  And nearly every moment they were on camera drove home why she had that fear, as the two fought their way across multiple continents.

4. Ron and Kelly (Season Seven):
  Another pair that fought their way through the Race.  The low point for the pair was probably when the Beauty Queen attempted to use Ron’s POW experience as proof of his inability to commit.  You know, because he got out of the military early…because he was a POW.  Wrap your head around that one.

3. Lake and Michelle (Season Nine):
His rather chauvinistic attitude and insistence that he take charge…which then resulted in key error right out of the gate which he could only admit to being “partially” his fault.  Her passivity was frustrating, and so he also found it helpful to tell his wife to “shut up” and to not “be a bitch right now.”  Lovely!

2. Ray and Deana (Season Seven): Sounding like a ‘roid rage case, Ray was another partner who thought that a steady stream of browbeating criticism would help his partner improve her performance.  And Deana seemed to feel that dissolving into tears at the drop of a hat was the best solution to any challenge.  All in all, their elimination prior to the “oldsters” Ray was obsessed with beating (the senior citizen couple also in the game) was a delicious moment of schadenfreude for most viewers.

1. Jonathan and Victoria (Season Six): I don’t know if it’s even fair to make a joke about this couple.  During the show, Jonathan’s treatment of Victoria was so controversial that many viewers felt it was tantamount to abuse.  Even the other teams got aggravated by their constant bickering and dreaded getting stuck in transit with them.  Amazingly, the two were just recently featured on another reality show, The Girls Next Door, still together and preparing for a baby.  So just in time for Valentine’s Day, these two go to show that love is certainly one big mystery!

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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