The return of LOST came with the promise of lots of the cool little inside tips and easter eggs that LOST is so well known for, and it did not disappoint.  LOST ‘Not in Portland’ was packed with hints, clues, and just plain fun stuff along with possibly a few clues to the larger mystery of LOST.  Executive Producer Carlton Cuse said in a recent interview with that the episode would contain an anagram that would shed some light on the mysteries of LOST.  We think we found it… 
LOST ‘Not in Portland’ had an obligation to deliver on every level that LOST fans enjoy.  After all, we’d all waited obediently for sixteen long, restless weeks.  Anything other than a overflowing cup of LOST signature goodness would have brought torrents of rage from the malnourished fan-base.

All the goofy little connections, site gags, and not so easily digested downloads were right on the money.  LOST came back strong, and it came back baring a basket of easer eggs bountiful enough to humble that fabled bunny himself.

Let’s get started at the very beginning.  In the beginning of the episode Juliet is going to visit her sister to give her some experimental medicine.  On her sister’s night stand is a feng shui lamp.  Most of you LOST fans know this as the “Dharma Symbol”.

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At the end of this scene, Juliet looks out over the Miami skyline and a jet flies by.  But not just any jet,  this is an OCEANIC Airlines jet.

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Oh and about that anagram.  We think this might be it.   Juliet is approached to work for a company called Mittleos Bioscience.  Mittleos does anagram out to be ‘Lost Time’.  Time is a huge theme of this episode.  If you don’t believe me,  check out this find at

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