Last week’s major cliffhanger left fans screaming, “Who’s coming back into the competition, Tyra?!” Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that serious, but we still want to know.

Tonight on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, Tyra welcomes back an eliminated model. This lucky lady will join the other hopefuls on a trip to Jamaica. Here, the girls will learn how to move and shake their bodies.

Re-Entering the Competition: Leila

“Good for Leila, good for her, but it would have been better for me,” says Allyssa. Again, we say goodbye to Allyssa, Brittany, Darian, Destiny and Yvonne.

So Leila, Kiara, Laura, Kristin, Victoria and Nastasia hurry back to the sorority house to pack for Jamaica. Of course, the topic of conversation is, well, everyone else. Victoria needs to go home because she bullies others into thinking that she’s the victim. Kiara doesn’t take good photos. Leila takes good photos, but that’s not what it’s all about. And Laura just keep winning. When will Kristin get the break she wants? Be careful what you wish for, Kristin.

It’s Jamaica, Man

Waiting for the models in Jamaica is a bus … full of men! Yes, there are six men for each of the six contestants. Kiara takes interest in one particular male model named Corey. Do I sense a love connection? Anyway, together they all arrive at the Half Moon Resort on the island shoreline. Tyra welcomes them alongside a Jamaican steel drum band.

Before their challenge, the girls have lunch with Tyra and soak up some advice from the legendary model. She stresses “smizing” and “tooching” and other ridiculous model terms. Also, there’s more flirtation between Corey and Kiara. Looks like Kiara’s got her groove back.

Jonte and Jamaican recording artist Konshens await the models on the streets. They introduce a small group of women, who break into a dance hall routine. This can only mean one thing.

Dance Hall Challenge:
The models are split into three groups of two and are asked to choreograph a dance hall routine. The winner takes home $300 worth of jewelry from Pieces from Bianca and will have $10,000 added to their college fund.


Laura and Kristin look the part, yet dance horribly. Kristin looks like she doesn’t even want to be in Jamaica at all. 7 points.

Leila and Victoria actually don’t do half bad. They put in the effort and remember to smize and tooch. Unfortunately, they just can’t dance very well. 8 points.

Kiara and Nastasia look the most like dance hall dancers. They have the rhythm, they’re having fun and they also remember to look like models. 9 points.

Challenge Winner: Kiara and Nastasia

The mean girls have resurfaced in Laura and Kristin, following an unexpected loss to the two girls whom they least expected to ever beat them, Victoria and Leila. As you may well remember, Leila and Laura have some history with not seeing eye to eye. As she rejoins this competition, things have yet to get any better. During a confessional with the two challenge losers, Kristin gives her opinion of Leila. “You are a lucky [expletive] who popped out with a [expletive] gap!” she says. “How lucky can you be?” It’s really too bad that fans weren’t able to see these moments when voting for their favorite photos online.

Johnny Wujek, Rob Evans and guest photographer William Richardson welcome the models to their photo shoot set on the river. The photos depict the models, their chosen male model and Rob on a river raft. I assure you it looks so much more exciting than I’m describing.

Here’s a rundown of the girls’ performances:

Victoria gets lost in her character, again. Laura does exceptionally well. Kristin needs way too much direction. Nastasia blows everyone away, looking regal. Leila comes back with a vengeance, looking very high fashion. And Kiara is too busy flirting with Corey to take a good photo.

As the girls are torn apart one by one by the panel, Kelly Cutrone, Rob and Bryanboy, Kristin gets a wake-up call question. Rob wants to know what she would do if she walked into a casting call and was asked to “act a fool.” They basically just want to see some form of emotion for this pretty girl wanna-be model. When she fails to give the right act, Tyra picks up her slack, yelling and pulling back into play her first freakout moment when she lashed out during the panel. “That … is acting a fool — again!” says Tyra.

Best Photo: Nastasia

Kiara and Victoria, for the second time in a row, find themselves in the bottom two. So who goes home? The girl who continuously gets lost in her own thoughts or the girl who simply just got lost this week?

Eliminated: Victoria

Tyra tells a sobbing Victoria to take care of herself before continuing her journey to become a successful model. Yet I think I speak for everyone when I say that Tyra, and the models, are probably happy to not have to deal with the odd quirkiness of Victoria. She can finally go back home to her mother, whom she’s cried over for weeks now. The fans got it right this week.

Next week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models continue to pose around nature’s wonders of Jamaica. A little less inspiring, though, is the drama which spikes now that Leila has shadowed Kristin and Laura’s chances of winning. Tune in Fridays at 8pm on The CW.

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