It’s the last night of battles on The Voice as we prepare to head into the knockout rounds. We’ve seen some great battles, impressive steals and more than a few upsets as great singers were kicked to the curb.

For the last battles on The Voice, we get a pop star duet, a battle of polar opposites and a one-sided trouncing by the singer who I am now officially endorsing as the person who will win the whole thing, Avery Wilson.

Team Xtina: Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt (“Hot ‘n’ Cold” by Katy Perry)

This is a pure pop star battle with a very pop song. Jordan has the professional experience while Adriana is a little more untrained.
The Performance: This is a hard one, because they’re both really great in their own special ways. Whoever wins, Xtina has a solid singer on her roster. I actually think Jordan is the better singer, but I think Adriana was better in this one performance. Either way, Blake Shelton is pissed off that he doesn’t have a steal left, as he should be.


The Steal: No one steals Jordan because no one has a steal left except Christina Aguilera. Jordan and Nelly’s Echo were two of my top picks to win for Team Xtina, and both were sent home in the battle rounds. Blake should kick himself, because his two steals (Colin McLoughlin and MarissaAnn) both pale in comparison to Jordan Pruitt.

Team Blake: Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige (“I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett)

This is a battle of young girls with Kelly at 15 and Michaela at 16. They were also both glossed over during the blind auditions, so it’s nice to see them get some actual airtime. Michaela is a rocker radio host and Kelly is pure country, so Kelly definitely has an edge on Team Blake. Michael Buble calls Michaela a 60-year-old black woman trapped in the body of a teenage punk rock chick.

The Performance: It’s another pretty solid battle of total opposites. The song is definitely in Michaela’s wheelhouse and she does a great job with it. She owns the stage and is a much better performance than Kelly. But I really love Kelly’s country twang and might give her the edge. Adam Levine calls it a musical pillow fight, which is kind of insulting to girls.


The Steal: Blake DIDN’T pick the country girl! That’s the most shocking thing ever. No on steals Kelly. In other words, Xtina HAS to use her steal in the next battle, because it’s the final battle.

Team Cee Lo: Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne (“Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia)

They say you should save the best for last, and that’s what The Voice did. I labeled Avery Wilson my favorite blind audition of the season, so my expectations are high. It also seems VERY unfair that he gets another David Guetta song since he auditioned with one. He should crush Lady Gaga’s back-up singer. But things turn around during rehearsals as Avery’s youth and inexperience are apparent.

The Performance: I’m very biased, but Avery KILLED IT. His vocals were on point and he danced and spun like a star. Seriously, that spin was the moment I decided he’s going to win The Voice season 3. Chevonne just made noises like a background singer, but it was the Avery Wilson show. Adam and Blake agree that Avery won it and it wasn’t even close. Xtina says nice things about Chevonne, because she knows she’s gonna have to steal her.


The Steal: Xtina steals Chevonne. I wonder if she was forced to steal her simply because this was the final battle. What would’ve happened if Xtina didn’t want to steal Chevonne? Chevonne is very shocked, so she must not realize this is the last battle and Xtina still had one steal left, so this is really a default steal.

Now that we have the Top 40, it’s time for the two two-hour Knockout Rounds next week as all of the singers perform by themselves, competing against a rival teammate, forcing the coaches to cut their teams to the final five to head to the live shows.

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