The Voice has narrowed the field down to 40 singers, and after the Knockout Rounds, that number will be cut in half. Only five singers from each team will make it to the live performance shows.

Thus far, the teams are very lopsided in favor of women. Out of their 10 remaining singers, Blake Shelton has four men, Adam Levine has two and Christina Aguilera only has two male singers. Cee Lo Green, on the other hand, is quite different, with eight male singers and just two women.

Let’s look at each team to see who might survive the Knockout Rounds and who will be going home.

Team Adam

My Top Five: Amanda Brown was amazing in her Battle and you have to give the edge to artists who were stolen since the coach really wants them. Bryan Keith remains my top choice for Team Adam with his cool, gravelly voice. Melanie Martinez is wildly unique and could stick around. Kayla Nevarez really wants to win, and I think Adam likes that fire. Finally, I think Adam will want to keep the genders somewhat equal, and I give the edge to Joe Kirkland, who seems young, hip and current.

The Other Five: Despite stealing Joselyn Rivera, I’m not sure she’ll stand out enough among Adam’s team of unique singers. The same goes for the generic Loren Allred. Sam James still feels like a poor man’s Bryan Keith, so why keep both? And Michelle Brooks-Thompson and Nicole Nelson could both be divas, but that’s not really Adam Levine’s niche.

Team Blake

My Top Five: Cassadee Pope is a natural pop star who should definitely sail through to the live shows. Gracia Harrison has what it takes to be Blake’s top country girl. Terry McDermott is easily Blake’s strongest male singer, so he should be safe. Julio Cesar Castillo has a good chance simply because he’s so different from everyone else in the competition. And I think the quirky magic of Suzanna Choffel will win Blake over.

The Other Five: Collin McLoughlin and MarissaAnn were totally wasted steals and I don’t see either of them making it through the Knockout Rounds. Liz Davis was just kind of a dull, forgettable country singer. Rudy Parris doesn’t strike me as someone who can win this show. And Michaela Paige might be too far outside of Blake’s wheelhouse to last.

Team Cee Lo

My Top Five: Avery Wilson will win the whole show, so he’s safe. Trevin Hunte is every bit as talented, so he’s guaranteed a spot in the live shows as well. To keep the genders even, I suspect the two women on the team, Terisa Griffin and Caitlin Michele, could survive as well. Finally, I’m standing by my personal favorite, Mackenzie Bourg, for the cool, hipster vote.

The Other Five: Daniel Rosa and Diego Val are such weak vocalists that they are doomed. Cody Belew doesn’t belong here, he only survived by default because his battle was so bad. And Nicholas David and Mycle Wastman are just forgettable and uninteresting.

Team Xtina

My Top Five: For gender equality, I think the two men, Aquile and Dez Duron, could make it. I also think De’borah is so unique she will definitely go to the live shows. That leaves two spots for the slew of Xtina wannabes. I give the edge to Egyptian singer Sylvia Yacoub and Devyn DeLoera.

The Other Five: Chevonne was basically forced onto Xtina’s team by default. Laura Vivas and Celica Westbrook are so forgettable I’ve already forgotten their names halfway through typing this sentence. Adriana Louise and Alessandra Guercio are good, but Xtina just has too much young pop star talent.

Looking over these predictions, I can’t help but think Cee Lo Green has a great chance at victory with the one-two punch of Avery Wilson and Trevin Hunte.

What do you think about the teams? Who will survive the Knockout Rounds on The Voice? Find out next week with special two-hour episodes on Monday AND Tuesday at 8pm.

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