America’s Next Top Model: College Edition is back with an all new episode. Two weeks ago, the models were subjected to compromising positions as they dirtied up for a random acts photo shoot. Allyssa may have licked a kitchen floor, claiming the worst of the scenarios, yet she lost her spot in the race towards becoming the next to hold the title.

Tonight is go-see night! The models scurry up and down the streets, hopping from agency to agency, adding to their portfolios  From here, it’s off to the jailhouse. Tyra sends the girls behind bars for their photo shoot with guest photographer Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter. Plus, the results are in and one lucky cast-off model is welcomed back into the competition.

The tension in the sorority house is definitely thick when it comes to Victoria. “Victoria should not be here because she cannot handle it,” says Kristin. Concern for her health quickly escalates to confrontation, as Victoria responds on the defensive. I’m sure they had to have known this would come after they’re all ganging up together and jumping on the Victoria bandwagon. She feels targeted and such stress would only harm rather than help the situation. Then again, this is reality television, and conflict such as this means a boost in ratings.

“I am genuinely concerned about this girl,” Kiara says. She, along with Brittany, are really just trying to understand what Victoria could possibly be going through. Victoria doesn’t wish to hear it. She just wants the one thing that could turn her frown upside down, or should I say the one person. You got it, her mother. Surprise, surprise.

Go-See Challenge: Paired off, the models are released and sent out on their own in the city of Los Angeles with five hours to visit as many modeling agencies as possible in the hopes of booking some jobs. On the route are Guess, I <3 Ronson, Whitney Port, Lulu Guinness and Cecilia Cassini. The model who books the most jobs will also be the challenge winner, adding another $10,000 to their college bank account.

Model Pairs:
Kiara and Victoria
Nastasia and Laura
Kristin and Brittany

Obviously, the girls are paired in order to create even more conflict. Nastasia isn’t focusing enough on directional signs for Laura’s liking. Kristin needs Brittany to pick up the pace. And then there’s Kiara and Victoria, the odd couple. At their Whitney Port visit, Victoria is determined to leave her mark on the designer, yet only comes across as trying too hard. Any chance she gets, she talks over Kiara and most likely kills her chances.

Time continues to wind way down to the wire, and Laura and Nastasia realize they have one last agency to visit: Guess. This would be a great opportunity for any of the girls to book for, but Laura takes this particular company to heart as her favorite. Not having the time to meet with them tugs at her tear ducts and she begins crying on the sidewalk. Nastasia could not be more annoyed, and I have to say I feel her pain.

Ultimately, Laura gets her way. She and Nastasia visit Guess, believing that whether they have time to get back to Bigbox or not, they’ll never get this opportunity again.

The following models booked gigs:
Cecelia Cassini: Kiara
LuLu Guinness: Nastasia
I <3 Ronson: Kristin
Whitney Port: Laura
Guess: Laura

Brittany and Victoria are, unfortunately, left out of the celebratory bunch. Yet, as you can see, one model booked two jobs. You know what that means.

Challenge Winner: Laura

“There’s nothing you can do but be better than her,” says Kristin, who begins to plot against her “frenemy,” Laura.

P’trique finds the girls celebrating their go-sees at a swanky restaurant and informs then to be ready to keep a “square face” for their photo shoot. The next day, the models are bused to a correctional facility, where they are stripped of their trendy clothes, handed orange jumpers, cuffed and printed. Johnny Wujek greets them and introduces The Cobra Snake as their photographer.

For Kiara, it’s not much of a laughing matter, being in prison, even though it’s for modeling. She’s been there before and becomes emotional when telling the cameras about her past with shoplifting. On the other hand, Victoria takes on a character in order to avoid the girls and their false sense of concern. “She’s just, like, out of control,” Johnny says as Victoria’s alter ego spits at the camera, attempting to create a cool shot, I guess.

While Victoria takes on a character, Kiara is stuck inside her own head, still feeling the pressure of her environment. When Johnny sees that she’s holding back in her photos, he suggests she simply yell. After one curse word, Kiara lets it all out and uses her frustration to let loose in a verbal way. Once her feelings are out in the open and off her chest, her modeling skills come right back into play.

At the panel, Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans and Bryanboy show up once again to pick apart the models’ photos.

Kristin, Nastasia, Kiara and the golden blonde Laura will all be safe from elimination, I’m sure. Is it safe to say that Laura will most likely win this season of ANTM?

It’s Victoria and Brittany who should be worried, again. Victoria’s photo comes across as more gimicky than anything else. I would assume that’s what you get after committing to an unnecessary character. To make things even worse, Victoria blames her inability to perform for personal reasons. “I felt attacked,” she says. Kelly takes up for Victoria, voicing her disappointment in the other models and suggesting they focus on themselves.

Brittany just cannot seem to catch a break. The judges agree that this particular photo is just not up to par with her previous jobs. Her imprisoned character is that of an exhibitionist, yet Brittany looks more like a cute tease.

So, all together now. Who takes the title of best photo back to the sorority house?

Best Photo: Laura (I knew it!)

Just as I predicted, the two girls who failed to book any go-see jobs fall into the bottom two spots. Victoria and Brittany stand before Tyra with tears in their eyes. Whoever receives the highest social media score remains in the competition.

Eliminated: Brittany

But wait, there’s more: Brittany may be eliminated, but tonight is the night that the eliminated models — Jessie, Darian, Yvonne, Allyssa, Leila and Destiny — return in order to reveal which of them will return to the competition. Brittany joins them in line. Nastasia waits on the sideline with the other baffled models, too emotional to look. “And the model rejoining the competition is…” going to be announced next Friday.

Yeah, it’s come to that. Even America’s Next Top Model: College Edition has resulted to cliffhangers. Judging by past reports from Bryanboy, my prediction is that Leila will rejoin the models on their trip to Jamaica. Make sure you tune back in to find out if I’m right and witness Victoria break out her best dance moves.

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