Attention, fans! Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition will feature top box office director Tyler Perry. If you will, please direct your attention to the syllabus. Tyra, Tyler and the crew will challenge the remaining 10 models to display their inner actresses on the streets of Los Angeles.

This lesson will be taken into the photo shoot with guest photographer Ricky Middelsworth. Their extracurricular activity will find them in the middle of the apocalypse. Yes, our models are to become the walking dead as zombies take over the set. Pay attention, everyone, because you will be asked to leave your comments below!

For the first time this season, Victoria has opted to enjoy the Tyra Suite all by herself. “It will be so nice to stretch out,” she says. The girls don’t understand it at all, yet it’s probably best seeing as how they all talk about Victoria behind her back.

On the other hand, Kristin is feeling the pressure. “They don’t know me,” she says, referring to the judges’ comments about her lack of modeling so far. Kiara explains that she may be pretty, but she’s “a nasty person.”

Exhibit A. Kristin reaches into Destiny’s bag for a cigarette lighter without asking. When Destiny speaks up, Kristin answers with attitude. The altercation travels to the kitchen in the middle of the other girls. The more Kristin talks, the more upset Destiny becomes. It doesn’t bother the blonde-haired beauty, though. She’s only trying to get Destiny to slap her so she’ll be tossed out of the competition. Too bad America wasn’t able to see what lies behind the photos as they were posted.

Nastasia thinks this is hilarious. “She’s letting you talk to her like this,” she points out to Kristin who is STILL mouthing off. Destiny has been through traumatic events in her past, causing her to be very sensitive.

Acting Challenge: Tyra introduces Tyler Perry to the girls who will help direct the models in randomly selected roles. Hollywood diva, tourist. Whichever girl wins the challenge will be awarded a walk-on role in one of Tyler’s upcoming films.

I’m not sure who has more fun, the models or Tyra and Tyler who sit in a trailer, directing each girl through their ear pieces. The most memorable performances definitely go to Victoria, Kiara and Yvonne.

Victoria is a delusional wannabe diva who, for some odd reason, has a very bad English accent. After a plate of fried chicken is tossed in her face by an old man, Victoria drops to the ground and cries aloud. Kiara portrays another diva who struts up and down the street, calling the attention of others by telling them not to pay attention to her. She’s genius! Lastly, Yvonne is a superstar rap artists who dances up and down the street, involving everyone in her impromptu rhymes.

In the end, only one model can take that walk-on role and Tyler Perry picks …

Challenge Winner: Kiara

The War of the Worlds set in Universal Studios California is the perfect backdrop for their Ricky Middelsworth photo shoot. Johnny Wujek explains that the girls need to work their best zombie looks.

“I can smile through my eyes but I can’t laugh at your lame jokes,” are Kristin’s first words to Johnny and Ricky before her personal shoot. Do you think she had any good shots? If you answered, “Yes!” then you would be wrong. Doesn’t help that Johnny thinks she’s a [insert word that rhymes with witch], either.

While Kristin seems to¬† have all the confidence, Destiny has lost it. She’s so upset that she’s made herself sick. If Destiny doesn’t feel the part, she won’t look it either and that comes across during her shoot with Ricky. In place of a potential top model we now have a deer caught in headlights. Johnny can’t even help her out at this point.

Skull Mail is in! When it is Kristin’s turn to read the prompter, everyone else better watch out! Victoria begins to read the message on screen, but Kristin quickly speaks up and puts her in her place before reading out loud.

The models now face Tyra, Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans at the judges panel. All dressed in black, each girl steps forward to hear their critiques from those at the photo shoot, the judges and their fans. While some do well, others have fallen, such as Victoria. “Her pose is more like ET phone home,” says an online fan via social media representative Bryanboy. Sure this is pretty sad for Victoria, but kudos to the fan for coming up with such a good description of her photo! When the judges address Kristin, she receives the same “too pretty” results. “How would you make yourself ‘not pretty’?” she asks. Tyra answers with “ugly pretty” faces that are encouraged in the fashion world and make her look pretty crazy. We’ll see if Kristin actually takes this criticism or simply uses this opportunity to show Tyra, Kelly and Rob that she’s “trying.” I don’t think I buy it. Do you?

Best Photo: Laura

Not only does Laura come out on top, she has also trumped Kristin’s social media scores. Take that Little Miss I’m Too Pretty! I had a good feeling that Kristin, Yvonne and Destiny would be the bottom three. Kristen receives her photo, sticking around for at least one more week. Unfortunately, Yvonne and Destiny remain standing in front of Tyra. So, who will go home?

Eliminated: Destiny

Yvonne receives a higher accumulated score and gets another chance. Destiny receives a hug from Tyra and the nickname “Bambi” with the big eyes. Don’t worry though, America. Remember all of the eliminated models will have a shot to return thanks to the Comeback Series.

With nine girls left in the competition, it seems pretty obvious who will be standing at the end of this College Edition cycle. Unless models such as Yvonne, Kristin and Kiara find a way to stand apart in their photos, they’ll disappear one by one. Although, during the Kristin and Destiny feud, it was obvious to see that beauty was butting heads with determination. I guess beauty won this one.

Next week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models take to the field. Grammy winning recording artist Alicia Keys will prepare the girls before their photo shoot as cheerleaders!

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