For the second week in a row on Big Brother 14, the HoH blog is written by Ian Terry. After a second double eviction he regained the power and served a second straight week as Head of Household.

While his blog a week ago was very humble, in awe of how well he’s done on the show, this week’s is more confident. It’s almost entirely about the Quack Pack and how successful it has been, along with a nice remembrance of 9/11.

Ian calls the Quack Pack (his alliance with Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle), “one of the most successful alliances in the history of Big Brother.” Since four of the five have made it to the end, it’s hard to disagree with that.

Ian also goes through each member of the Quack Pack, explaining their different strengths and saying that it’s the kind of alliance he wanted to make before entering the house.

There was Shane’s “athletic prowess,” the “older and wiser” Dan, Danielle’s “Southern charm and determination” and Britney’s “persuasive tongue.” That does sound like a pretty solid group when broken down like that, though I think Ian is giving Danielle a little too much credit, unless “determination” now means “crying every day over the stupidest things.”

Now, however, Ian notes that it’s the Renegades (Dan and Ian) vs. the Couple (Shane and Danielle). That’s only half-true, because I don’t think Dan is as committed to the Renegades 2.0 as Ian is. If given the choice at the end, Dan would definitely take Danielle to the finale over Ian, simply because he knows he could beat Danielle, but he’d lose to Ian.

Ian ended his HoH blog with some loud quacking and a ton of exclamation points.

“PS: Quack Quack QUACK!!!!!!!!!111!1!!!eleven!1”

I feel like there might be some brilliant mathematical code in that last sequence, but I can’t decipher it. The fact that it starts with a chain of nine exclamation points and it contains the word “eleven” makes me think it might be a coded message honoring 9/11, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate or mere coincidence. Maybe it’s binary code, but I’ll leave that to NSA geniuses.

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