On this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, the remaining 14 contestants learn all about chemistry. Some contestants rise to the occasion, while others remain flaccid during a super sexy photo shoot that includes Rob and a mystery guest. And it’s makeover time, and the guys get a painful introduction to manscaping.

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To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Since Marvin had the top photo at panel, he’s movin’ on up to the Tyra Suite and taking his buddy Don with him. Seems like victory has gone to his head. He’s convinced a guy will emerge as the lone victor, citing the fact that none of the five girls in his picture “brought it.”

Chlea vs. Kelly

Even though Kelly ripped Chlea a new one during judging, girlfriend has apparently not learned her lesson. She tells a few of the others that all she did was suggest that perhaps Kelly comes across a little bit harsh. Chlea asserts she was just “tellin’ it like it is” and keeping it real with Kelly. Chlea admits to being estranged from her own mother since the age of 17, and she has no intention of letting anyone control her. Mmmmmmm, somebody’s got some issues.

Hook-ups on the Horizon?

Sexual energy is rising in the house, and Jiana thinks Phil might have a crush on her. Marvin says it’s in his nature to want female attention. He may be photogenic, but he continues to prove he has no game after wandering around the house asking random girls if they want to come lay with him and Don using the Tyra Suite as bait. If the ladies weren’t keen on him before, the fact that he is now a proven threat has made him even less appealing.

Home, Not-So-Sweet Home

Cory is struggling to fit in as the only homosexual in the competition. The house reminds him of high school, a time and place he doesn’t care to revisit. He’s also concerned about going home if he can’t manage to man up at the next shoot.

Body Heat

Tyra starts this week’s lesson by addressing the rumors that she and Rob are actually a couple. She swears he’s like a brother and nothing more but says the chemistry they share makes people think otherwise. She uses this as a segue to announce that she and Rob are going to teach the models how to generate lust or love in a photo.

Tyra pairs the models up. Phil drops the ball when Tyra asks him who he’d like as his partner and winds up with Alexandra, which leaves Jiana a bit peeved. Jeremy jumps at the chance to work with Jourdan who, after their nude shoot together, wants to make sure Jeremy doesn’t get the wrong idea. According to Tyra, there are three key steps to creating chemistry: fresh breath, tension and inhaling.

Some couples like Cory and Nina sizzle, while others, not so much. Renee is not feeling Marvin. She thinks he’s awkward and even wonders if he’s ever been with a woman before. Alexandra doesn’t find anything sexy about Phil.

The contestants find out they’ll be posing in a photo shoot with a “sexy, fierce” theme. Some will be paired with Rob, while others get to pose with Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Phil and Jeremy have been naughty boys, and they are wearing the dog collars and leather shorts to prove it. Alessandra is literally whipping them into shape. Phil isn’t feeling it but thinks Jeremy did well. Chlea struggles in her shoot with Marvin and fears he’s going to overpower her. Jiana doesn’t think there’s any real competition on the girls’ side, but she does worry she needs to bring it in order to keep up with some of the men. Johnny comments that Jiana and Chris H., now the only Chris in the competition, really made good use of Tyra’s tips. Don suffers a crisis of self-confidence having to share Alexandra’s attention with Rob during their shoot. Jourdan and Renee blow the photographer away, and Mike starts weak but finishes strong.

Blondes, Brunettes and Bald, Oh My

The models arrive home and get a Tyra mail that hints it’s makeover time. The guys are unsure of what their makeovers may entail since they all have pretty short hair. Cory gets the worst end of the deal because they shave his head completely, which makes him look terminally ill. The second disaster is Phil, who gets transformed to look like Jesus’ doppelganger. Several of the boys go platinum blonde, and Nina, a platinum blonde, becomes a redhead. Kanani gets a pixie cut and is both Kelly and Johnny’s favorite makeover of the day.

The boys undergo additional torture when they are waxed, or manscaped, within an inch of their lives. Nothing but metrosexuals allowed in this competition, boys.

Kelly approaches Chlea and says since it’s makeover day, maybe they could makeover their relationship. Kelly tells Chlea she doesn’t have to fight everything and everyone to prove she can be strong. Chlea feels it was all just miscommunication. Kelly offers to help Chlea in any way she can and even bestows a hug on the girl.


Tyra informs the models that since this week there is no challenge score, their social media score is even more important.

Even though Tyra thinks Jourdan is stunning in her photo, Bryanboy informs her voters don’t feel the same way. Kelly thinks both girls should have been more in the moment. Fans were disappointed in Renee’s performance as well.

Chlea gets an all-around negative assesment from both the judges and the public. Bryanboy tells her that she’s losing her fans, and that as the only “fiercely real” girl in the competition, they have high expectations of her. Last week’s top dog Marvin finds out the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

Tyra advises Don to do some work on his arms, and while Kelly loves his makeover, none of the judges are enamored with his photo. Tyra says his performance is very disappointing.

Mike gets glowing reviews. Rob praises him for not being out-shone by a Victoria’s Secret model, and Kelly says she had just about given up on him, but this photo saved him. Too bad she says she’s still haunted by his horrible runway walk.

Tyra tells Cory what’s great about his makeover is that it’s polarizing; people either love it or hate it. Either way, it gets people talking and that’s what fashion is about. Too bad his pic fails to leave an equally lasting impression.

The person with the best photo of the week is Mike. The runner-up is Jiana. The bottom two are Don and Chlea. Don stays, and Chlea is eliminated. Tyra reminds Chlea that every eliminated model gets the opportunity to do the photo shoots, and whoever gets the highest social media score will get to come back.

Next week, tempers flare in the house, and the models walk a runway that has their heads spinning.

America’s Top Model airs Fridays at 9pm on The CW.

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