It’s makeover week on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition! Tonight, the 12 remaining girls of Tyra’s sorority house will be treated to a trip to the salon. This isn’t just any makeover episode, though. For the first time in Top Model history, the models will be allowed to opt out of their makeovers.

We have already seen footage in the promo of Harvard grad Maria quickly voicing her enthusiasm to less-than-graciously bow out of being primped and pampered. Will this effect her performance during the nude photo shoot alongside Rob Evans and guest photographer Tony Duran? 

Leila invites Laura to enjoy the Tyra suite with her for the week. While Leila thinks the world of Laura, Laura isn’t looking to give anyone advice. “I don’t exactly know what her motives are,” she comments. Wow! Should it be a requirement to pick girls who aren’t only thinking of themselves and are willing to be courteous and civil to one another? Oh wait, this is reality TV.

Tyra Mail delivers a message that could mean nothing but MAKEOVER TIME! The girls fall into a tizzy, excited over what’s to come. Well, most of them do. Victoria stands still, immediately complaining about what “pixie cut” they might give her. Maria’s also simply not having it.

At Cristophe Salon, Kelly Cutrone, Johnny Wujek and Cristophe himself are waiting for the girls with envelopes. Before each girl is able to open their envelope and reveal their new do’s, they must voice either “yes” or “no” to have it done at all. One by one, each of the 12 girls are asked by Kelly and Johnny what they want and two opt out. Surprise, surprise! Maria and Victoria decide they’ll pass.

Tyra sits down with the two “negative Nancies” to understand their reasons behind turning this opportunity down. Victoria doesn’t wish to part from her Indian American/Jewish heritage and soon realizes the mistake she’s made, so she cries … again. Maria, on the other hand, is confronted by Kelly and explains that she merely had no wish to cut her hair. As one might expect, Kelly gives Maria the “see if you’ll ever get a good recommendation from me” look.

Luckily for us, the odd mood shifts when P’trique arrives with hair clips in the oddest of places. His message leaves the girls to believe that they’ll have quite a bit of skin to bare for their upcoming photo shoot.

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The models arrive at the set where they meet up with Johnny and his mentor and guest photographer, Tony Duran. Thanks to censored blurbs covering strategic body areas, viewers are allowed to see each shoot. The girls are missing everything but a tiny pair of panties and Rob, their posing buddy, in gay club dress code hot pants. These definitely work against him when kicked in the crotch by Nastasia.

Aside from all the bare skin frolicking around outside in the beautiful garden photo shoot, Maria is inside the hair and makeup tent. Johnny looks to give her some advice and encouragement, yet it falls on deaf ears. The crocodile tears begin to flow and Maria finally utters the words that everyone has been thinking, “I think I just want to go home.” And with that, she goes home.

The remaining models finish up their shoots with Tony and return home to the sorority house to discuss Maria’s leaving the competition. They’re all in agreement, saying that the Harvard graduate lacked the desire. Also, the fact that she graduated from the same college as Tyra Banks didn’t help her need for an attitude adjustment either. Also, Victoria scurries off to the phone booth to ring her mother back home. When asked if she wants her daughter to continue with the competition, she replies almost too eagerly, “Yes!” Perhaps Victoria cries over everything at home, too.

When it’s time for the judges to review the models work for the week, the drama is left outside and the makeup gives the appearance of squeaky clean guises. Joining Tyra, Kelly and Rob as judges is social media representative Bryanboy. With combined scores from the panel and fans, Victoria is awarded best photo and the key to the Tyra Suite. Funny how we don’t find her crying in a corner now. Following her with the most liked performances are Allyssa, Leila and Laura. Kristin continues to struggle with her I’m-too-pretty-to-put-in-much-effort look and that comes across in her mediocre scoring.

The bottom two may or may not be much of a surprise. Yvonne and Darian haven’t exactly struck their peaks in the competition just yet, but, according to the judges, they have a long way to go. Yvonne must learn how to work her curves since her butt is apparently her signature. Darian is simply pushing the poses too hard. Less is more for her.

So who goes home? Ironically, this isn’t up to the judges. Both Yvonne and Darian are given scores of 20 from the panel, therefore, the fan votes will determine who stays and who goes. With a difference of something like a tenth of a point (math was never my strong point), Yvonne takes the final photo from Tyra’s grip and sends Darian home, sobbing.

But wait, there’s more! Before Darian can walk away with her head hanging low, Tyra tells her something about a little secret called the Comeback Series. She’ll be able to compete again with her fellow eliminated models, which presently includes Jessie. “I know I can come back and win,” a confident Darian tells cameras.

Next Friday night on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, director Tyler Perry delivers a challenge for the models. Victoria is seen tripping over bags on the side of the street while calling out in a British accent. Surely can’t miss that one! Also, Destiny and Kristin strike up some beef in the sorority house. Make sure to tune in next week to The CW.

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