Yesterday, we shared with you our opinion on the first six finalists for Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Today we’re passing our initial judgment on the remaining seven finalists.

To refresh your memory, our “Judging by Appearances” is based on the single CW promo photo of each ANTM finalist. We use this poorly styled and photographed photo to determine each girls modeling potential. We like to think of it as the BuddyTV version of the high fashion designers who choose their runway show models based on make-up-less impromptu Polaroids.

Without further ado here’s your seven remaining Top Model finalists:

Kortnie: She hasn’t even gone to Top Model boot camp yet and Kortnie already has the perfect arched eye-brow down. That may seem minor, but remember that Cycle 6’s Runner-Up Joanie Dodds was rescued early on more than once for her uber-expressive eye-brows. At first glance Kortnie is super cute, but we’re not sure she’s a model. We also foresee Kortnie getting Tyra’s bootie and boob posing lessons early on, as she is better endowed than most of the ANTM hopefuls.

London: A lot of the pre-cycle buzz has been about London, which we admittedly don’t get. In her promo picture she looks look the long lost twin sister of Cycle 10’s Dominique. She also looks like she’s about 5 feet tall, which definitely does not bode well for her career in fashion. On the other hand, London’s look could prove to be very versatile. Her face looks like if you shot it from five different angles, she’d look like five different people.

Natalie: We are wholly uninspired by Natalie’s promo shoot, in part because she looks bored stiff in it. On the positive side, Natalie looks long and lean and her legs go for miles. She also has the downward turned bow mouth that Tyra loves, so we’re calling Natalie as the dark horse for this Cycle. Considering how unimpressive her promo photo is, she can only improve in our eyes.

Nijah: Hello, Wholihay 2.0! Nijah looks alarmingly identical to Cycle 8’s Dionne. Hopefully that means she creates her own ridiculous nickname. While Dionne got relatively far in her cycle, we don’t see the same path for Nijah. Like Dionne before her she seems to photograph mean. Her half smile looks more like a full snarl, just like Dionne, which we don’t see the judges letting slide again.

Sandra:  We are loving Sandra. She has a fashion-forward look and her eyes are searing in this photo. She looks a little bit like Nnenna from Cycle 6, with a dash of supermodel Alex Wek. The lone negative we can see about Sandra, is she doesn’t look like a Cover Girl…there’s too much mystery and intensity going on for the girl next door look that Cover Girl loves. So, we’re hoping there will be plenty of edgy shoots to play to Sandra’s strengths, rather than her lone weakness.

Teyona: Unless she has a crazy personality, we foresee Teyona being that model that Tyra and the judges constantly forget about. Her look isn’t that interesting, though she does have a perfectly symmetrical face and a gorgeous complexion. If she makes it that far, we bet Teyona will be one of the girls who really benefits from a Top Model make-over.

Tahlia: If we were a betting woman, we’d bet on Tahlia being the first model to be eliminated this season. While she is lovely, her look screams commercial. Also not working in Tahlia’s favor? She photographs old. Despite being only 18 years old, Tahlia looks like the cutest soccer mom on the sideline in her promo shot. We’re open to being pleasantly surprised by Tahlia, but we’re not going to hold our breath.

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–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Abbey Simmons

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