All right, FINALLY I have a pick for the best photo of the week that doesn’t match up neatly with Tyra’s top called-out girl.

Yes, Renee might be the “Girl Who Changed Her Attitude”, and she also did have a good photo this week, but after additional review, I have to say that I just couldn’t award her the top spot. And this is NOT a punishment for her stank attitude; she has officially crossed over for me from so-dislikable to so-dislikable-I-like-her-just-to-be-contrary, and so I am rooting for our catty young mom.

BUT, my criteria center more around transformation within the shot, and while Renee looked very pretty, she ALWAYS looks very pretty. And she didn’t look dead enough to me.

So I am picking Sarah. Personally, I agree with Nigel Barker that she might not always be the most traditionally pretty girl in person. I also agree with Rich Juziak, who writes a genius blog about ANTM over at FourFour, who thinks Sarah is a cross between Cycle Two contestant April Wilkner and Clay Aiken.

However, this photo? She looks stunning, yet dead, and so yes,


Felicia might have been the girl sent home, but Dionne shouldn’t feel too safe. I really like her personality, but this photo just completely misses the mark. As the panel pointed out, her body language might be strong – but she was also strongly directed by Jay Manuel. She did manage to look dead, but not FASHION dead. Silly as that might sound, there is a difference. And did Dionne capture that this week?


– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV