While we’re still recovering from the Top 12 results aired live on America’s Got Talent Wednesday night (Miguel Dakota came this close to not making it to the finals and Mara Justine was the very first to get her pink slip. Snap!), there is a lot more to look forward to in the coming week … even more than you know. And just what do I mean by that? 

As we all know (yes, broadcasters and recording artists, we have your number), whenever an actor or singer or band is about to come out with something new — an album, a movie, a series premier — they have to do the promotional circuit to get the word out. It’s okay, because how else would we find out when our fave performers are going to be out and about? We’re busy people, right? Well, it just so happens America’s Got Talent has snagged a whole boat load of these A-List people to include in their two-hour results finale next Wednesday. Let’s find out who.

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Not Just Emily, Quintavious, Miguel, Mat, SOS and AcroArmy On Deck

As us heavily invested America’s Got Talented viewers (I’m looking at you and all our regular would-be pundits commenters, Bill) are already painfully aware, the final six acts whom we’ve come to feel a certain kinship with –AcroArmy, Emily West, Mat Franco, Miguel Dakota, Quintavious Johnson and Sons of Serendip — will get their final chance to prove to America that their million dollar act is more spectacular than the next performer’s million dollar act on Tuesday night. After all the blood and sweat is cleared from the stage from Tuesday’s competition, and as the Wednesday night results tears (both happy and sad) begin to flow, the following out-of-this-world performers are guaranteed to bring down da house. 

Tuesday Blood and Sweat; Wednesday Tears and A-List Guest Performers

Well, if being ushered back through the hauntingly mist-filled shadows of “The Phantom of the Opera” by Jackie Evancho didn’t give you goosebumps, or if being asked “Where were you when I was at my worst?” by The Voice coach and Maroon 5 grammy-winning juggernaut Adam Levine in his performance of “Maps” didn’t make you want to throw your panties on the stage while screaming, “I was right here, baby, come on over and I’ll treat you right!” (too much?), or if watching (but not understanding a single word of) the lovely felinesque vocal stylings of one Ariana Grande didn’t tickle your fancy … if none of these made you happy to be alive in a world filled with music, then what’s scheduled for America’s Got Talent’s September 17th finale will do the trick. If it doesn’t — if it just doesn’t make any difference for you, then, uh, perhaps you need to get out a little more. Maybe you need a little look-see performed by someone with the initials ‘M’ and ‘D’ after their name. Just sayin’. 

Ed Sheeran Takes a Break from Touring to Visit America’s Got Talent

A personal and crowd favorite for his romance-drenched song, “Kiss Me,” which I first heard as background music during a love scene between Arrow‘s Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance, Ed Sheeran’s voice has that kind of moody sway that compels a person to assault their Google account until they find out how and where it can be downloaded. This is exactly what happened to me and rumor has it (and Billboard has reported it) I am not alone in this craze. 

Sheeran’s,x, is already breaking all kinds of chart-topping records all over the world. No surprise, as the folksy-R&B romancer’s debut album,+, got plastered with all kinds of trophies named after precious metals as well as earning him three Grammy Award nominations, including nods for “Song Of The Year” and “Best New Artist.” Wednesday he’ll be on AGT! Take a peek at his official video, my friends.

Dream Girl Jennifer Hudson Makes Dreams Come True for AGT Contestants

Grammy and Academy Award winning recording artist and actress known for her powerhouse performance as Effie White in the movie DreamGirls, Jennifer Hudson will perform a single entitled “It’s Your World” from her highly anticipated album, JHUD.  The song features R. Kelly and comes out later this month. Take a look:

The Legendary Lenny Kravitz Promises Will Strut Soul and Rock & Roll for AGT Viewers

Yes. You read it right. Lenny-Freaking-Kravitz will be on America’s Got Talent. This guy has Four Grammys. Count ’em – 1-2-3-4. He’ll be performing one of his latest singles as well: “The Chamber,” from his new album entitled Strut. In addition to his many musical successes, remember that Kravitz has several acting appearances to be proud of including The Hunger Games.

Pitbull Will Perform “Fireball”  While the Rockettes Rock

You read that right … Pitbull will be joined by the ROCKETTES. But that’s not all. He’ll also be joined on stage by alternative rock band, Train. This is guaranteed to set the stage on fire. Pitbull’s upcoming album, Globalization, will be released this fall. If you don’t recognize the name, you might when I tell you that Pitbull performed “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Now that was hot (as was the World Cup, might I add). He has had #1 hits in more than 15 countries, with the most recent being chart-topping track, “Timber,” featuring Kesha. This fall he’ll be touring with Enrique Iglesias. Dang, he’s a busy man. Take a look:

Wednesday’s Two-Hour Finale is All Results and All-Star Guests

The America’s Got Talent season 9 winner will be crowned during the two-hour Wednesday night special from 8-10pm on NBC. So there you have it. It’s an A-List cast for an A-List crowd and a soon-to-be A-List America’s Got Talent million dollar winner. See you there!

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Catherine Cabanela

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