It’s the second week of the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals performances, which mean a dozen more acts take the stage at Radio City Music Hall. This group of routines as a whole isn’t particularly on point. There are out-of-sync moves, dropping of props and some performances that just fall flat. Only two acts receive positive reviews from all four judges, which means it’s a long night for the others.

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Innovative Force

These girls, who open the show, are a little scared going into their performance, but they don’t show it at all. They’re really, really good, especially when you consider their age, but the performance feels like an amateur cheerleading routine with all the flips and in-the-air tumbles. There isn’t much dancing as well. Howie’s in line with my thoughts because he says he doesn’t know if it’s innovative. Howard completely disagrees because he says it’s not just dancing but athleticism and acrobatic action. 

Ciana Pelekai

The 12-year-old powerhouse singer makes a smart move in selecting a current hit, Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me,” but it’s not a song where she can do much with it. She does try to get her runs in when she can, but it’s not a song that suits her strengths. Howie loves the performance, calling her the whole package. Howard agrees that she’s got the looks, stage presence and the talent, but acknowledges that he didn’t love it. Mel B gives some good advice that she should just have a guitar and belt out a song. 

Alexandr Magala

I don’t want to watch him. I wouldn’t if I had a choice! I don’t want him to move on because of how dangerous it is, and how it leaves me ill and I fear for his safety. I’m sure many disagree with me. I do like his story, though. He talks about people thinking he was a freak because of what he did, and then he saw America’s Got Talent for the first time back in his home country and wanted to come to a place where he was accepted. He says that if people were scared with his Vegas audition, the latest will be terrifying. He’s right. There’s pole dancing with fire, swallowing of the sword and tumbles and flips — and I might lose my dinner. Howard reveals that Alexandr internally cut himself this week in rehearsals and couldn’t eat for two days. What?! Heidi calls it disgustingly good. She and Howie give him a standing ovation for just surviving.

Struck Boyz

After Alexandr’s dangerous routine, it’s nice to get a performance that’s just the opposite. They’re cute and have a ton of energy, but I’ve seen their dance moves more than once. They can make a career out of what they do, but they just need time and practice. Howie says in show business, it’s not about talent but luck and timing, even mentioning the act before them. He’s absolutely right. Howard says he did not have fun at all and that it’s actually difficult to watch kids their age doing what they do. 

Brad Byers

If you’ve already guessed, I don’t like queasy things, so I did not watch him stick his darn tongue in a fan! Oh, but I heard it, which is just as disgusting. Then he lays on a bed of nails as track is laid on top of him and a lawnmower runs over him. They’re just two random, dangerous things, but he doesn’t engage the audience, and that’s what all the judges say. Mel B says he lacks the showmanship and wants more personality. Howard says he’s the epitome of the show: from the farm, working an office job and tries out for AGT. Despite the zero personality, he’s still proud of Brad.

Kid the Whiz

If he wasn’t dancing, he’s not sure what he would do because there’s no good influence around him in the Bronx. He might “just dance” with a hat because he’s got a big personality and makes a show out of it. His moves are smooth as well — but he drops the hat again. I don’t know, I like him and would go see him. Mel B says it’s edgy, cool and current, and Howie is the only one who says he’s seen it before.


These guys have a great story having met online, although I’m sure the producers of Catfish don’t think so. It turns out one of the original members left and had to be replaced. Wonder what he’s up to now? They belt out “Somewhere” from West Side Story. They need to harmonize more, which they only do during the chorus. What’s the point of being in a group if you don’t show off singing together — and not just the same notes? Because when they sing their solos, it’s not like one sounds all that different from the other. So I’m on Mel B’s side when she predicts that America will be divided on them: they’ll either love them or not. She calls it over-the-top dramatic and didn’t get the goose pimples. The other three judges wholeheartedly disagree.

Angela Hoover

It’s telling when your intro clip is more entertaining than your actual performance. She impersonates Heidi and Mel B pretty decently, but I don’t know what that Christina Aguilera impression is. Also, the jokes aren’t particularly funny. Heidi says she wishes Angela made more fun of her. It’s not your roast, Angela. Mel B also compliments her, but neither of the two judges can really criticize her impersonation of them, can they? Well, Howard does and did. He says she didn’t seem prepared.

Dave Shirley

His talent is combining comedy and technology, but unfortunately this performance falls flat. His body not being in sync with the computerized body is too distracting. Mel B says she likes the idea, but says he needs more rehearsal time. 

Marty Brown

They show a photo of his father, which he isn’t expecting and it throws him off guard. He sings “You’re Still the One,” but he sounds off-key and his voice cracks in the beginning. I’m totally not feeling his performance. The judges are especially harsh on him. Howie says he’s disappointed, saying his emotion at the start hurt him and he could never recover. Mel B says he blew it.


If anything, they’re totally getting girls interested in synchronized swimming. It’s not just cool and pretty to watch, but dangerous too — their ninth swimmer is out with a concussion after being landed on after a flip. Ouch. They perform on a rooftop in Manhattan, and it’s pretty darn cool. They stay underwater for an extremely long time doing kicks. Heidi calls it hardcore, but Howie says what they do is dazzling, but they didn’t dazzle.

Tone the Chiefrocca

They already accomplished what they came on the show to do: to get that stupid jingle in everyone’s minds. They cap off their performance by holding the last note in “B-double-O-T-Y,” and I’m asking the same thing: why? All the judges except Howard give them standing ovations. Howie wonders why they’re already not a hit. Howard says it’s original, fun and a good time. I can agree on all three points, but what else do they have to give?

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