On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen and Slade take their relationship to the next level in a dramatic fashion. Eddie and Tamra put the finishing touches on CUT Fitness. Vicki throws a party to show off her newly remodeled home. And Gretchen and Slade walk right into an ambush.

Slade Throws Some Shade

Lydia and Alexis stop by for a visit with Vicki and get a tour of her completely remodeled McMansion. Vicki brags that there is not one item in the house that she and ex-husband Don bought together. BTW, the dining room walls look completely hideous. Vicki has decided to have a more public unveiling and is planning an outdoor party with a winter wonderland theme. She’s having people over to admire her renovations, but the party itself will be held outdoors.

The ladies discuss the guest list, and Lydia questions whether Vicki can invite Gretchen but not Slade. I have to say, that isn’t a very Christian way to behave. Have the girls finally corrupted Lydia or was she a hypocrite all along? Vicki tells Alexis and Lydia a friend sent her a link to Slade’s radio show because apparently he has been saying some not-so-nice things about her. Vicki says she knows she shouldn’t listen, but all three ladies do anyway.

Slade doesn’t mention Vicki by name, but we’ll all assume he is talking about her. He calls her “Tupperware face.” If I were Vicki, I would take solace in the fact that Slade simply isn’t funny. This lowers Lydia’s opinion of him even further since she’s still fuming about him commenting on her weight. Vicki decides she’s still going to invite him to her party and then ambush him at the event.

Wedded Bliss

Gretchen starts the elaborate proposal process she has planned for Slade by having the horrible love song she wrote and recorded for him played while he’s at work. Slade and the viewers find out from his co-host, Kelly, that the song isn’t actually going out over the airwaves. It’s all just a set-up for Slade’s benefit. Kelly gives him a garment bag that contains a tuxedo. Once Slade is changed, Kelly tells him there’s a car waiting, and the driver knows what to do. Slade arrives at the airport, where a helicopter is waiting to whisk him off to meet his woman.

Gretchen has gone all out because, in addition to the proposal, she’s planned an engagement party with their closest family and friends. It turns out none of the other housewives made the guest list. After a pep talk from her mother, Gretchen heads to the roof of the venue. I think Gretchen’s inspiration for her proposal came straight from an episode of The Bachelor. Gretchen asks Slade if he understands why she flew him to the top of the building, and he says no. Gretchen tells him it’s because being in love with him makes her feel like she’s on top of the world. She apologizes for getting cold feet when she heard he was considering proposing to her last year. There’s more romantic ramblings and eventually she presents him with a ring. Slade gets down on one knee and tells Gretchen he would be honored for her to be his wife. These two are so cheesy, they make me yearn for crackers.

A Cut Above

Another engaged couple, Tamra and Eddie, are scurrying to put the final touches on their fitness studio before it officially opens. Alexis shows up, and Tamra finds it ironic that just a few months earlier, she had thrown Alexis out of the place. Alexis brings them a candle because, really, what is the perfect gift for opening a fitness studio? A year ago, Alexis would have never believed she would be friends with Tamra again. ‘Friends’ is probably a strong word since none of these ladies, with the exception of Heather and possibly Lydia, seem capable of genuine friendship.

Let’s Have a Petty Party

Vicki, inspired by her recent trip to Whistler, is transforming her yard into what looks like a window display at any major department store over the holidays. She’s excited to showcase her house, and she says she wants no drama. Uh, I thought she had big plans to confront Slade. If that’s not the definition of drama, what is?

The stage is set for several uncomfortable run-ins: Heather is upset with how Gretchen behaved at the taping of Hot in Cleveland, Gretchen doesn’t plan to tell anyone about her and Slade’s engagement because of the overall lack of support their relationship has received from most of the ladies over the years, Lydia is crapped off at Slade for all his comments and Tamra is having feelings about Gretchen she doesn’t like.

Vicki reveals to the ladies and their significant others, with the exception of Gretchen and Slade, that she has rekindled her relationship with Brooks. This is news that she has yet to share with her daughter or son-in-law, who is home for the weekend. Tamra tells Vicki that she needs to tell Brianna. Tamra has no doubt that Brianna will not be happy. Vicki says she wants people to respect her decisions like she respects theirs. Right! There are a lot of adjectives in the English language that could be used to describe Vicki, but respectful and supportive — outside her family — aren’t two of them. Vicki says she and Brooks have no plans to marry, but they do want to move their relationship to the next level.

Soon, conversation turns to Gretchen, and Alexis gets the ball rolling by giving the group a blow-by-blow account of their recent meeting. Tamra jumps on board, saying that Gretchen’s actions speak louder than her words. Vicki is practically giddy that Gretchen is on the outs with the group. Poor Gretchen walks right into the lion’s den with Slade in tow.

Fasten your seat belt, RHOC fans — next week’s finale promises to be a bumpy ride.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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