It’s been a long journey to get to this point, and now Desiree Hartsock is down to her final three suitors. I am joining you tonight for this VERY dramatic Bachelorette recap. Rest assured, our resident expert will be back next week.

Des is hoping for a fairytale ending with one of the final three men standing: Drew, Brooks and Chris. There are many rumors swirling around the end of The Bachelorette this season. I would love for Des to find true love this time, but I am starting to wonder if that is possible.

Tonight, Des and her men explore the enchanting island of Antigua. We open on Des at the front of a sailboat as she reflects on her search for love.

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Three Choices

Des feels Chris is romantic and sweet, yet masculine. Chris was also the first to confess his love for Des. Drew is passionate and serious, and Des likes to kiss him! She knows what a wonderful husband and father he will make. Des has special feelings for Brooks, yet he has not said those three magic words. She pictures him as her future husband, and loves him.

Island Explorers

Drew and Des stroll the island hand in hand. Drew even pulls the jeep over to kiss her. (Awww!) Des extolls Drew’s many virtues, such as his abs, his eyes and his face. They pull up to a party in Shirley Heights and join the fun. They participate in a limbo contest. A local man gives Drew a woven reed heart and tells him to give it to Des with a kiss.

Drew and Des enjoy a sunset picnic while discussing their hometown date. He confesses that her meeting his family was one of the happiest days of his life.

Soon It is Going to Rain

Des loves kissing Drew, even in the rain. The rain ruins their romantic dinner on the beach. Des takes Drew to the fantasy suite and presents him with the fantasy suite card. He is excited! Des reveals how communication is important to her. Drew says that he would get down on one knee and propose right then. He once again confesses his love over a champagne toast. There is more kissing and then the film crew is kicked out of the bedroom for privacy. Enough said!

Brooks Has Deep Thoughts

Brooks wonders why he is not able to tell Des that he loves her. He travels to Boise, Idaho, to talk to his mother and sister about his situation. He is not sure if he is in love with her, and the idea of proposing to Desiree makes him anxious. Brook’s sister tells him that he would know if he truly loved her, and that he should not propose if he has any doubts. Then they all discuss how well she fits in with their family. Brooks’ mother advises him to be honest even though it will be difficult. This is all a bit confusing.

Smooching in the Sand

It’s another beautiful day in Antigua, and Des reunites with Chris. They are taking a helicopter ride, even though Chris is afraid of heights. They fly to Barbuda Island for a picnic on the beach. They share a toast while discussing their hometown date. Des thinks that Chris is hot, and they enjoy kissing in the surf. Chris feels confident about their love and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Desiree really like to test out the physical chemistry!

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Mr. Romantic

Chris and Des share a romantic dinner, and Chris proposes a toast to “falling forward.” Chris is happy with his job and wants to raise a family in Seattle. Des is willing to sacrifice living in California and would be open to moving to Seattle for love. She feels that the relationship with Chris is easy, and she presents him with the fantasy suite card. He is so romantic, and he wants to spend the night with her looking at the stars. Chris, shockingly, also has a poem for Des! They make out in the pool under the stars.

Chatting with Chris Harrison

Des has deeper feelings for Brooks than Chris or Drew. Brooks summons Chris Harrison to chat about Des. That is probably not a good sign. He tells the host that his relationship with Des has had ups and downs. Chris Harrison seems baffled when Brooks is unable to answer whether or not if he is in love with Des. Brooks tells him that even with more time, he will not feel “it” if he hasn’t by now. Chris Harrison seems irritated with Brooks and asks him to describe what love feels like. He has trouble even explaining that. He sheds some manly tears while revealing that he is ready for marriage, just not with Des. Yikes!

Sadness On the Horizon

Des is taking Brooks to Bird Island by boat, and she is elated to see him. Des would accept if Brooks proposed to her. She is thrilled to see him, which is really awkward for the viewers at home. She’s alarmed that he is upset and asks him what is wrong. He tries to explain why he is so emotional. Desiree begins to tear up as she gets an inkling that something is terribly wrong. Brooks tells Des that she is a much better person than he is. (Agreed!) He tells her that he wants to be in love with her, and then asks her not to cry. What a gentlemanly thing to say. Des asks him why he is deciding this now, and she huddles over in tears while Brooks try to comfort her. Des tells him that she loves him.

Destination Heartbreak — Again

Des tells Brooks that she loves him even though he just broke her heart. Brooks says that he does still care for her, which I am sure makes her feel much, much better! She is still in shock and begs him to stop talking. Now Brooks admits that he is questioning himself — again! Brooks even asks her what she is going to do now. Desiree feels conflicted about the process of being on The Bachelorette because she wanted to give him her whole heart. Des finally tells Brooks to go so she can be alone. While she is crying, Brooks steals yet more camera time with his remorse and tears.

What’s Next?

So what will Des do next? Will she choose to continue with Drew or Chris? Des feels that the experience for her “is over” and that both men deserve more love than she can give. Does Des end up alone?¬†Tune in next week to find out.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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