With three nominees instead of two, Big Brother 15 has more opportunities for someone to save him or herself with the Power of Veto. Indeed, the PoV was used in the first four weeks, and twice the replacement nominee was evicted.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Amanda is the third nominee and Spencer won the Power of Veto.

Spencer saved himself and Aaryn named Candice as the replacement nominee.

So now it looks like Howard is going home and the fourth of six showmances this season will be broken up (yes, I count whatever the heck Nick and GinaMarie had together, plus the growing flirtation between Judd and Jessie).

Over the weekend Candice made a play to get the house to turn on Amanda, but she didn’t really have any success. Some people (mostly Helen) do want Amanda out, but not yet. The biggest problem for Helen is that she shared this desire to break up McManda down the road with Andy, and Andy immediately warned McManda about it.

Back to this week, Spencer than tried to rally people behind evicting Candice, which is a slightly easier hurdle since so many people genuinely seem to despise her. The problem is that this season, the majority of people are actually able to separate personal from strategic in a very compartmentalized way.

People may hate Candice and they may think Howard is a good guy, but they put that aside and focus on what’s best for their game. It’s the same way so many of the HGs were able to justify saving Aaryn last week.

The HGs will probably give false hope to Spencer and Howard, but at the end of the week, it looks like it will be Howard going home.

The more interesting developments are all about the future, as the closer we get to the jury, the more paranoid and tense the game gets. Depending on who you ask, Candice, Spencer, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Elissa are all prime targets to get rid of before jury begins (even though three of them will be making it).

I’ve claimed this week is another dull and predictable one, and to a certain extent, it looks like I’m right. Howard is probably going to go and, like the past two weeks, the most interesting dynamics are about the future.

Everyone is preparing for a post-jury war, so while I still think the next two evictions will be slightly dull (those five HGs I mentioned are the only ones who I think are in actual danger), the paranoia could also reach a fevered pitch to unleash chaos. Amanda is slowly becoming unglued by her nomination and there are cracks in the Goof Troop as they’re all looking at each other as potential threats down the road. It’s kind of entertaining to watch Amanda constantly demand to know everything that is being said to Andy and Judd. 

There will be blood on Big Brother 15, but it’s starting to look like it may not come until everyone reaches the jury.

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