America’s Best Dance Crew has reached the final two. Either Super Cr3w or SoReal Cru will win season 2. I mean no disrespect to SoReal, but Super Cr3w better win this. After the eliminations of Supreme Soul, A.S.I.I.D. and Fanny Pak, the jaw-dropping tricks and routines of the b-boys from Vegas are the single best thing left.

Tonight it’s all about one last chance to win over the viewers on America’s Best Dance Crew. The show starts off with an introduction of the two starting line-ups. Voting, which began after last week’s episode, remains open throughout this week as well. Both crews perform three times.

Around the World ChallengeBoth crews are given videos of styles from around the world to use in their routines, from Africa to Brazil to India.

Super Cr3w
They’re excited to show off their sexy Latino moves. Words cannot accurately express how amazing their performance was. These guys are like the Picassos of dance. They go from African tribal dancing to capoeira to smooth Latin hip-shaking and not only do they use their amazing tricks, but there’s plenty of cool choreography. This competition is already over, but I don’t really care because we still get lots more awe-inspiring dancing, which is so much more important for this show than the competition.

SoReal Cru
There’s a lot of OK dancing with them, but it’s a bit like eating a really good hamburger after enjoying filet mignon. Lil’ Mama says they struggled the whole time and didn’t bring it. JC Chasez and Shane Sparks agree.

Original Dance Craze ChallengeThe two crews must design their own dance moves with an original song and lyrics as well.

Super Cr3w – “S to the Chest”
They’re all about throwing the “S” to the chest. It’s pretty good and features plenty of flying and sailing and other unbelievable moves. The song reminds JC of an old MC Hammer tune but he thinks the dance craze is too much about Super Cr3w and not accessible enough to the larger audience. Shane also thinks it’s the worst performance they’d done, which is still a bit of a compliment.

SoReal Cru – “Smash It Up”
They’re gonna “smash it up,” which is a lot like their “EXPLOSION!” I guess their big dance move is just throwing your first into your hand. I definitely prefer Super Cr3w’s song, but Shane likes this one more. Lil’ Mama and Mario Lopez have some nice banter about what kinds of things she does in the club. The judges all declare the competition for the night is now tied.

Last Chance ChallengeThe crews are given free range to prove why the deserve to win.

Super Cr3w – “Give It Up, Turn It Loose” by James Brown
I wouldn’t call it their best performance, but it’s very good and highlights their unique breaking abilities, giving pairs a chance to stand in the spotlight and do their thing.

SoReal Cru – “A Millie” by Lil Wayne
They start off in straight jackets then proceed to hit it as hard as they can. I’m afraid they’re going to break my screen it’s so hard. It’s about on par with what I’d expect from them: good dancing, but there’s nothing special or unique or amazing about it. The fact remains that I get excited every time Super Cr3w gets on stage, something I can’t say about SoReal Cru.

The judges get one last chance to debate the merits of the final two crews. They reflect on their favorite moments of the season. We revisit the snake charmer routine from SoReal Cru, but Mario preferred the ladies licking whipped cream. For Super Cr3ws, Lil’ Mama loved the “We Fly High” fling into the air. Shane thought their sports routine was the single best performance of the whole season. JC loved the ninja towers from the first week. If I were to compile a list of the 10 best performances of the season, more than half the list would probably be Super Cr3w, including the three just mentioned.

Now it’s up to America. Voting by phone or text message ends Saturday morning, but online voting is open until Thursday before the live America’s Best Dance Crew finale. Expect to see some awesome stuff, especially when the West Coast crews perform together, because blending Supreme Soul, Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w can only result in pure genius.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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