If we can get over Billy Joel being kind of a creep, we can look to his fun song catalog. OK, I’ve just pored over the Billy Joel songbook and I have a different conclusion than the word “fun.” It can be fun, yes, but it’s not completely malleable to everyone. Honestly, I feel a little annoyed and exhausted by Billy Joel as a theme week. It just doesn’t make sense for so many of the contestants. It barely makes sense in a singing competition. 

But they have to choose SOMETHING. If it was good enough to make a mostly-dancing Broadway musical out of, it’s good enough for American Idol I suppose. Why can’t we do an Abba week? It just seems like more of a challenge for the band than the singers. Here’s what I’ll pick for them, albeit at times an arbitrary choice.

Heejun Han – “Keeping the Faith” 

This has some big long notes for Heejun to show off on, and it’s a little less sleepy than his choice last week. A little … How about “She’s Got a Way”?

DeAndre Brackensick – “For the Longest Time” or “Uptown Girl”

This is a good week for DeAndre, given that Billy Joel sings up high sometimes. I could see DeAndre classing up either of these songs if forced to.

Colton Dixon – “Only the Good Die Young” 

It’s a little happy and poppy for Colton, but hey, maybe he could use a little more sunshine this week. Won’t he probably sing “Piano Man”? Someone will. And Colton was instructed to sing something people know, so this could be it. This is a good week for Colton, who plays the piano.

Joshua Ledet – “Summer, Highland Falls”

I don’t know. I struggled choosing a song that was right for Joshua and this is the best I could come up with, twenty or thirty songs later. I would like to hear someone hear this, maybe Elise. How about “She’s Always a Woman to Me”? I think that would be really pretty.

Phillip Phillips – “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”

I’ve never really known the words to this song, and if Phillip sings it, I still won’t. But it’s a fun-sounding song that Phillip could bend to his artistic style. 

Elise Testone – “Just the Way You Are”

I would love to see Elise do justice to one of my favorite Billy Joel songs, but I could also see her slaying “New York State of Mind.” What will make the audience like her more?

Erika Van Pelt – “Laura”

I want to see Erika do well in the competition. She’s been singing so well, she deserves a badass song that will show her off and garner some votes. Someone had better sing “Laura”! They’ll probably give it to Phillip. 

Jessica Sanchez – “Vienna”

The judges, Steven in particular, told her to go back to ballads, which I don’t necessarily agree with, but I think she’ll oblige. Billy Joel doesn’t have any big vocal ballads, but she could make something really pretty out of “Vienna” or “I’ve Loved These Days.”

Hollie Cavanagh – “She’s Got a Way”

This is a nice little song, and we know Hollie likes those ballads. I don’t think she actually WILL sing this one, since it’s about a woman and Hollie seems like she might be the type to be uncomfortable singing a song meant to be sung by a heterosexual male. I don’t know her that well, so maybe not, but whatever. This song doesn’t really allow any big bold notes like Hollie usually likes, but you can’t have it every week!

Skylar Laine – “Why Should I Worry?”

OK, this might be one of the worst Billy Joel songs, depending on who you ask, but it is from Disney’s Oliver & Company so that’s fun. The song doesn’t say anything about actually being a dog who goes around stealing links of sausages, so I think we’re good there. Maybe Skylar could put a country spin on things. 

What do you think they should sing?

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