Tyra’s newest addition to the Top Model judging panel, publicist Kelly Cutrone, became the center of the competition, and the drama, this week, when she supervised the models’ photo shoot and upset contestant Louise Watts so profoundly that the British model stormed out of judging and screamed, “That f—ing Kelly Cutrone, I swear, if she was on the street, I’d knock her out!”

At the time, Tyra used the meltdown as a lesson to the rest of the girls: The ANTM judges are “constructive, but tough” — and not everyone can handle the heat in their criticism kitchen.

In a new interview discussing the incident, Cutrone hints that the winner of this cycle will, in that regard, be the anti-Louise. Without giving away who takes home the British Invasion title, the judge laid on this praise for the cycle winner:

“This season, the prizes are really on point – they’re a guest correspondent, they’re with Cover Girl, they also get a spread in Italian Vogue and they become the face of ANTM fragrance, so you can’t just be a great walker. The girl who wins is a great competitor and was super smart. The winner knew how to take criticism, was really there to be a model and used her personality to get to the finish line. Some girls crumbled under the criticism. She thrived.”

So: Who could Kelly be talking about?

Judging from the first three episodes, the model who immediately comes to mind from Cutrone’s description is androgynous American beauty AzMarie, who’s presented herself with poise and intelligence since she walked into Tyra’s beauty school circus. In this week’s episode, AzMarie took on the role of team leader for the Americans, and received rave reviews for her work from Cutrone, her team members and Tyra. And while Louise balked and bristled at Cutrone’s harsh feedback, AzMarie thanked the judge for her brutal honesty, saying that the feedback made her a stronger competitor. And, as AzMarie won Best Photo this week, it clearly didn’t hurt.

We still have several episodes to see before Tyra crowns her newest winner, and with eleven models left in the game, many have not yet gotten the chance to stand out among the pack. No doubt, this mix of Brits and Americans does seem to have its share of level-headed and fiercely competitive girls. But AzMarie definitely has the qualities that Kelly raved about in this cycle’s winner. Do you think AzMarie might be this cycle’s winner? Or is there another smart, savvy girl you think will ultimately outshine her?  (If so, who?)

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