The race around the world has finished its run through Africa and heads east to India, which seems to be the destination for a leg or two in nearly every season. With five teams remaining, this is the time where teams start jockeying for a leg up in the final, or fall to the wayside.

Cleared for Racing

The episode starts with a visit from the doctor for the team that won the last leg. Bopper, from team Kentucky, has injured his knee but is told that as long as he wears his brace, he should be able to continue on the race. This is one of the few moments this leg where the team is happy.

After getting their next clue, the teams head out to a travel agency to find the quickest flight to India. Kentucky, Big Brother, Army and Border Patrol all get tickets for one flight, while the Divorcees somehow find a flight with a connection that will arrive earlier. The gamble pays off and the divorcees are the first to land, but only by a few minutes.

Dance Fever

The teams head to a bus station to go to Sacred Heart College for their next clue. Army is on the first bus that leaves, with three other teams close behind. Unfortunately, Bopper’s knee is forcing Kentucky to move slowly, and they miss all the buses so they must wait. When one finally does arrive, Mark has another bout of motion sickness. It’s gonna be one of those kind of days for our favorite Appalachian Country Boys.

When the teams arrive at the college, they learn that they must complete a Bollywood dance routine in front of a director to get their next clue. The teams with women are clearly at an advantage. Both Rachel and Vanessa work for their teams, while JJ is chosen to dance for Border Patrol. While the teams are practicing, Kentucky finally arrives and Mark is the one who will dance due to the fact that he has two working knees.

Girls 3, Boys 0

The first person to take a crack at impressing the director is JJ, which is surprising because he looks terrible while practicing. Sadly, he doesn’t look any better for the director and is told that he needs to practice more. After his failure, Rachel from the Army couple tries and gets it right her first try through. The most amazing part is that Dave is actually supportive and proud of her when she’s doing it! Vanessa and the other Rachel then attempt the dance, but both fail and are told to try again.

The Army couple go to a coffee house for their next clue. They can choose to hit a cricket ball past a boundary marker or drive a training course for rickshaws. Since both people have to complete either task, they choose to do the rickshaw course. Behind them, Vanessa finally finishes her dance, and after another trademark Rachel breakdown, she finishes hers. This leaves only the boys behind to complete the task.

Dominant Again

After initially struggling behind the wheel, Rachel lets Dave attempt the course. After he finishes on the first try, Rachel attempts the course again and completes it. They get their next clue, which points them to the pit stop. After what seems like a really short leg, Team Army finishes in first for the fifth time this race. They are clearly the dominant team left in the field.

The Divorcees choose to do the rickshaw course, while Big Brother and Border Patrol, who finished right behind them at the dance, choose cricket. All three teams struggle early in their respective tasks. To the chagrin of JJ, Rachel beats Art on the cricket field, allowing Big Brother to finish the leg in second. The Divorcees and Border Patrol complete their tasks in short order and race to the pit stop. Border Patrol comes in third and the Divorcees are in fourth, only seconds behind.

Dancing With Heart

Mark is clearly struggling. After 13 attempts at the dance routine, he still hasn’t finished it. Bopper tells him that it is time to just go home, and that Mark shouldn’t risk his health in a losing cause. Mark relents and goes to the dressing room to change. After a cool down, the dance instructor convinces Mark to give it one more shot. Even though the dance isn’t perfect, you can tell that Mark is given props for the heart he puts into it and is given his next clue.

The show skips over Mark and Bopper’s rickshaw course run because there is no way that they won’t be last. Mark and Bopper get to the pit stop in last place for the second time this race. They are very emotional for the second time in the race. And they are also saved from elimination for the second time this race.

The only feel-good team left is still alive, and you can’t help but feel happy for them. Now it is up to them to come through in the next leg and prove that they deserve to be left in the race.

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