Last night was the premiere of the fourth season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. From the first episode it’s clear that lines are being drawn in the sand and Teresa Giudice has managed to alienate herself from everyone else. One person she’s ticked off in particular is co-star and former friend Caroline Manzo, who shared her honest thoughts on Teresa and the upcoming season with the Huffington Post.

“You give people a pass a lot,” Caroline said on her declining relationship with Teresa. “Time after time, you attribute it to a bad day or a large age difference. And then, after a while, you start to realize, ‘wait a minute, it’s more than that.’ Things I just let slide, for one reason or another, they just started to get compounded, and then you realize this is a pattern and it’s in somebody’s DNA, if you will. And then you make a decision.”

Caroline went on to say how she and Teresa were never really friends, that she was merely someone she got to know through her sister, Dina.

“The viewers make assumptions that we were best buddies, but now, she was part of a group, an ensemble that we traveled with,” she said. “She was a friendly acquaintance: Yes, I stood up for her and yes, I protected her because it’s human decency to be that way. But the relationship between Teresa and I was never that deep. I did respect her as a human being and as a person, but we were never girlfriends where we hung out and went to dinner and went shopping and talked on the phone.”

That’s funny, because us viewers have seen Caroline and Teresa do all of those things together. But then again, I suppose just because they do go to dinner, shop and talk on the phone, we shouldn’t make any “assumptions.” She does admit, though, that their “non-relationship” is salvageable.

“You can never say something’s never salvageable, but when you’re sorry you have to mean it,” Caroline said. “If you’re not genuine in what you say then don’t waste your words. The story’s gonna be told throughout the season and I hope people at the end of the season will have enough information to form their own opinion.”

Caroline also assures that although they’re dealing with massive drama, the season will be full of lighthearted moments as well.

“We had a lot of fun on our trip to California,” she said. “Just stupid, slapstick, kind of make-no-sense comedy. Like real belly laughs. I look forward to watching my kids and what they’re doing in their lives because it’s just a ‘proud mommy’ kind of thing. I think this year you see a lot more of the guys and they’re funny. And they kind of get us through a lot of nonsense, which is great.”

Gina Pusateri
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Gina Pusateri

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