As we head into the season 12 finals of Dancing with the Stars, the questions are mounting. Will Hines be able to continue his season-long domination? Will Chelsea’s energetic dancing skills propel her to the top? Can Kirstie charm the voters into a win?

We’ll know the answers in just a few days. But, in the meantime, we have a few answers from Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke.

In an exclusive interview, Brooke Burke talked to BuddyTV about Dancing with the Stars and her involvement with Suave Body Care. While she didn’t offer too many predictions about who might dance away with this season’s Mirror Ball, she did offer plenty of insight into the competition, her time with the stars and the workings of the show.

Check out the interview, sponsored by Suave Body Care, below:

Brooke Burke, a former model, had a history of participation in reality shows even before Dancing with the Stars. She appeared on The Weakest Link, Rock Star and NBC’s Golden Globe Award pre-show. Brooke participated in Dancing with the Stars for the seventh season, eventually winning the Mirror Ball with partner Derek Hough. She’s been the DWTS co-host since season 10.

While interviews and predictions are nice to have, there’s really no way to know who will win the season 12 DWTS competition. Hines, Chelsea and Kirstie are close in points, and each has an unknown level of popularity. Kirstie is likely to have the most fans, thanks to her TV and film fame (and thanks to Twitter). But Hines might run a close second, with football and Dancing with the Stars fans alike supporting him. And then there’s Chelsea, the unknown who’s danced her way to the finals.

Even Brooke Burke couldn’t pick a winner, but we’ll all know the season 12 DWTS champion soon enough!

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(Image courtesy of ABC and video courtesy of Suave Body Care)

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