There’s just three episodes left of American Idol, and tonight we find out who will be squaring off in the finale. I’ll say this now, I’ll be most surprised if Scotty is eliminated. I was also surprised to see James go last week, though, so who knows what the voters are doing! Randy declared that they’re all “in it to win it” after three rounds of songs. But tonight someone will be out, and maybe they’ll be a little bit relieved because there’s less pressure and they can just move on and sign a recording contract elsewhere.

Jimmy Iovine is piping up again, saying that the country vote is very powerful, and Scotty isn’t going anywhere. He also mentioned Lauren’s prom dress, and that Haley needed “three tens” to get into the finale. He’s probably right on all accounts, except that people loved Lauren’s dress.

After 95 million votes, Ryan is convinced that America cares again. We just want to have some control over this finale, Seacrest. And I don’t care to hear from Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent, thank you very much.

James Durbin is back for this week’s filler. The Top 4 went to Bad Robot to meet J.J. Abrams and see some scenes from Super 8. It’s about the film, not the hotels. The contestants were upset with J.J. Abrams because he showed them just enough to make them want to pay to see the rest. He’s tricky that way.

First we watch Haley’s trip to Chicago (Wheeling, IL). Haley really is an odd bird in this competition, with her foul mouth and her chill attitude. Haley reiterated what I have been thinking, “Three months feels like forever.” She seems the best equipped to be a star, really. She’s got the voice, and she made a great joke out of that big security guy crying. I kind of like how little she cares.

Securitycry1.jpg“Before the stress begins, our finalists retreat to a day at the beach,” Ryan tells us. YEAH I BET THEY DID. They’re not even singing the songs for the Ford Music Video anymore. For once they weren’t painting landscapes with their hands.

Okay, what is this? I don’t want to be disrespectful but is it a joke? That one guy on the right is smiling like it’s a joke. And that kid’s glasses have to be a joke, right? Are they making fun of us? Are these Italian kids making fun of the Jonas Brothers? This performance is making me increasingly more paranoid.


Next up is Scotty’s hometown visit to Garner, NC. The girls in Garner are freaking out. They’re shoving their hands and signs and donuts at him. I can’t help it, I love Scotty. He’s just so sweet and he seems really humble. I know he’s kind of a goon and everyone likes to make fun of him, but I really want this kid to win it.

Scottyhometown1.jpgThe producers want him to win it, too, because they see the crowds that turned out to see him and their faces looked like this:


So this song about locking them doors and turning the lights down low is not only a real song, but a song that everyone in Garner knows all the words to.

Then Nicole Scherzinger sang this song dressed like an ostrich and the lyrics were talking about all the things that “me like.” Ugh. The set looks like one they borrowed from an expensive high school prom, and then 50 Cent came out of a log flume. They clearly saved their most inconsequential performances for the second-most consequential results show.

Lauren Alaina’s clip package closes out the hometown visits. Judging just by the number of people who showed up for these things, I think Scotty is definitely in the finals. Lauren drove by the storm devastation in her stretch hummer. She met a kid named Tyler, who was too busy saving his family from a tornado to watch American Idol and learn who this Lauren Alaina character is.

It’s finally time to dim the lights and get to some results. Lauren is already crying. Ryan announces that after 95 million votes, Scotty McCreery is in the finale. Like we didn’t know! The other spot in the finale belongs to Lauren Alaina. I can’t believe it, and neither can Haley Reinhart. Haley looked seriously confused.

Haleystunned.jpgIt still hasn’t sunk in as Haley sings her final performance of “Bennie and the Jets” on the Idol stage. I hope she and Casey come out as a couple on the finale. I just can’t believe we don’t get to look at her cute outfits anymore and will instead be subjected to Lauren wearing the same exact outfits Kelly Clarkson wore for her finale. Nashville Star it is!

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