It’s time for yet another speedy 30-minute American Idol results show! I’m finally back after Bill King took over for the past few episodes, and I picked a good one to return for, because Daughtry is here.

The fourth-place finalist from season 5 has become one of the most successful Idol alums of all-time and he will perform tonight. We also get to find out if the Save will be used, or if one more contestant will be sent home.

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Bill, myself and Jeff Dodge all seem to be in agreement that C.J. Harris is the most likely singer to be eliminated tonight, though it could just as easily be Sam Woolf, who has already been in the Bottom 3 twice. Will it be one of them, will the Save be used and will Caleb, Alex and Jessica continue to avoid the Bottom 3 as they have all season?

THIS…is American Idol!

Right away, Randy Jackson believes Caleb, Jessica, Dexter and Jena will definitely be safe. He’s probably right, though I don’t really care for Dexter. It’s kind of interesting that he didn’t lump Alex into the mix, but that would be the same as saying C.J., Sam and Malaya are the Bottom 3.

Dinner for 8: At the “dinnertime download” as Ryan Seacrest calls it, Malaya thinks Sam looks at girls with the “stank devil eye.” She easily has my favorite personality of the season. I wouldn’t mind seeing her star in a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon show.


The first singer who is SAFE is…Dexter Roberts!
The second singer who is SAFE is…Jena Irene!

Neither of those is much of a surprise.

Ford Commercial: Caleb likes making out with a chick for three hours and then getting some pizza. Jessica likes driving with a stuffed animal. I miss the terrible, crazy vampire-themed Ford commercials.

“Waiting for Superman” by Daughtry

I should focus on how cool Chris Daughtry is, but all I can really think about is how he finished fourth, but this season he would wipe the floor with each and every contestant. I know he’s had close to a decade to perfect his rocker attitude, but even back in season 5, he was delivering better performances than what we see now.


The third singer who is SAFE is…Caleb Johnson!
The fourth singer who is SAFE is…Jessica Meuse!
The fifth singer who is SAFE is…Alex Preston!

BOTTOM 3: Sam Woolf, C.J. Harris and Malaya Watson

Yawn. Jeff Dodge correctly predicted all of the Bottom 3 and it’s not really that shocking. The judges shouldn’t use the Save on any of them.


Sam Woolf is ELIMINATED!

Aww, poor kid. Like M.K., three strikes and you’re out.

He sings David Gray’s “Babylon” for the Save. It’s OK, but he doesn’t seem all that into it.


Confetti falls like Sam just won the whole damn show. I’m not overly surprised since keeping Sam is the only way to ensure that teen girls keep watching this season, but it does feel like a bit of a waste. The kid has been in the Bottom 3 for three of the past four weeks, and it’s unlikely that this will change anything. At least we don’t have to worry about the Save anymore.

Here’s a brief history of the Save to see whether it’s useful:

Season 12: Not Used
Season 11: Used on Jessica Sanchez at Top 7 (she finished 2nd)
Season 10: Used on Casey Abrams at Top 11 (he finished 6th)
Season 9: Used on Michael Lynche at Top 9 (he finished 4th)
Season 8: Used on Matt Giraud at Top 7 (he finished 5th)

Historically, the Save moves you up five whole spaces, which would mean Sam could finish in third. That seems doubtful, so we probably have a Giraud situation, where Sam will be safe next week, but then go home the week after that.

Whatever the case, Sam Woolf lives to sing another day. Next week the Top 8 will perform again, and this time the theme is the ’80s! That could be fun or terrible.

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