This week’s Dance Moms has Abby facing her mother’s death. Family is important and the girls have always looked to Abby in the role of a harsh mother. How will this illness affect her relationship with the girls? Will it make her see that everyone is valuable because they are “family” or will she still strive for the perfect team? We know that Nia appears to be excused from the team — hey, don’t yell at me. Yell at Abby Lee.

And in the War Room

For Abby Lee, each performance has become a battle, so her rehearsal room has turned into the war room. As the team arrives, Holly asks about Mrs. Miller and learns she is not doing well. Mackenzie, though, has Abby directing a photo shoot.

As the pyramid starts, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, Chloe and Nia are together on the bottom, but not for goofing up — because they did what they were supposed to do and kept dancing when the music messed up. Kalani is on the top due to her overall high score.

Abby announces that she is holding auditions for a second team which will not necessarily replace the original girls but compete against them. Even with her mom sick, Abby wants more.

Abby tells the girls about her mom and Melissa thanks Abby for letting her be a part of her family’s life. Maddie and Chloe are both crying because Mrs. Miller has always been there. Abby gives both girls a hug and tells them that dance teachers must love to teach.

Abby composes herself and announces that Kendall will have a solo to “Dream It.” Nia will perform a solo to “Damsel in Distress.” Chole and Kalani will have a duet to “For You Too.” The group routine will include everyone and is called “Bollywood and Vine.” Then the moms are dismissed.

Rehearsal Times

Abby tells us that “Bollywood and Vine” is difficult. Gia is in charge since Abby will not be there. Kira asks why Abby is doing a second team with the problems they are having with costumes. Melissa gets a call from Abby that Mrs. Miller is declining.

Nia works on her solo and has wonderful facial expressions. Holly fears that Nia is discouraged because she hasn’t placed in competition or had many solos. Kendall is also nervous, and Jill needs Kendall to beat Nia. Great team spirit, Jill.

Abby holds auditions for Mackenzie’s video. Chloe gets cut and Maddie is named an assistant. Wait! Mackenzie lets Maddie and Nia in the video. I always thought Mackenzie saw things clearer. After all, she’s won with Nia before. Mackenzie will go by Mac Z when she sings.

The group number has a costume problem. Abby will cut one member from the group and guess who it is: Nia. Nia is supposed to use her time for her solos. Holly tells us that costumes are a problem because Abby just doesn’t order enough. Holly is upset and she leaves, telling everyone that she’s moving on.

At group rehearsal, we learn that Holly feels that cutting Nia makes Abby looks bad. Melissa arrives and gives an update on Mrs. Miller. While the moms feel sorry for Abby, they decide that the girls need to remember the positive things that Mrs. Miller has done. Christi and Kira are happy with their daughters’ duet. The girls seem perfectly matched, but Christi sees Chloe as the fall guy if something goes wrong. Holly doesn’t like that Abby has a board in the room of all possible new members.

A Solemn Competition

Abby doesn’t go to the competition. Gia urges them to get the win. Holly gets the girls to share their good memories of Mrs. Miller and leads a time of prayer/meditation. Both Maddie and Chloe break down as they arrive at the competition.

In Ohio, the girls fend for themselves. Holly tells Gia that she can bring home the win. Gia calls Abby and learns that Mrs. Miller isn’t doing well. Melissa thinks things are more relaxed in the dressing room but the girls need Abby. Jill’s not worried about Abby. All she wants is a top five for Kendall. Gia will send the performances to Abby.

The duet is up first. Chloe and Kalani perform together well. Their number appears flawless as they work together well. Kendall looks beautiful and even does good facials this week. Chloe encourages Nia as she takes to the stage. Holly is worried but knows Nia has what it takes. This musical theater number is cute and Nia has the facials for it.

As the group prepares to take the stage, Holly leads them in prayer. The girls are in character and do a good job. Nia is with Holly in the audience and looks sad. Gia thinks they all did well. That’s a welcome change from the complaints.

At awards, Nia gets third and Kendall gets second. Chloe and Kalani get first in duet/trios. Yeah, all the girls do good tonight. The group gets first. Gia is all smiles, which is different from what Abby would have been. In the dressing room, the girls tell Abby they won. Nia asks to be in the group next week. Christi sees the day as more about honoring Mrs. Miller. 

Next week, Abby discuss change, the video is shot and Nia gets on Abby’s nerves.

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