Amanda Sanders, Image Consultant, has been popping up all season on The Real Housewives of New York City. But it wasn’t until last night when she really started to ruffle some feathers. A few of the housewives weighed in on her behavior on their Bravo blogs.

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But first, who exactly is Amanda Sanders? According to the New York Post, Amanda is an Image Consultant hired by Bravo to help improve Aviva’s image. However, Aviva herself denies that she works for her. So at this point, she seems to simply be a Friend of the Housewives or, in simpler terms, a pot-stirrer.

“[Amanda] (or whatever her name is) and [Aviva] were rude during Sonja’s show. Typical,” Carole Radziwill wrote on her blog. “So add that to my list: Rude. Aviva and Mindy-Man making snarky menopause jokes about Sonja is immature, and rude. If that’s their version of girl’s girls, they can have it. They can stumble off with their plastic cups of booze holding hands into their little girl’s girl sunset.”

Carole also resents Amanda getting involved in the Book Gate argument while she was talking to Aviva.

“What does Amana-banana the drunk think? Hmm. What is she even saying? Who the hell is she, by the way? Why is she always duct-taped to Aviva’s other side?”

Sonja Morgan didn’t seem to mind Amanda’s snide comments about her performance as much as her complaining about the event.

“Amanda was rude to say the vodka was cheap,” Sonja wrote on her Bravo blog. “It’s a charity, and the alcohol is donated. We were lucky to have alcohol after the first sponsor dropped out. She was a guest of Aviva and should be grateful. She does [have] a gorgeous face, but she is like a bat out of hell.”

Heather Thomson could barely hide her contempt for Amanda, while she was face-to-face with her and on her Bravo blog.

“What I didn’t anticipate was Aviva’s image consultant’s loud, obnoxious comments! Sure, it’s easy to criticize the performer from the shadows — but this is for charity and awareness after all, you cow! Aviva’s image consultant’s garish play-by-play commentary of Sonja’s performance was almost surreal. Could someone actually be that rude? (Oh! Just you wait!!) All I am thinking is ‘Who is this woman who keeps coming around with her opinions and her nose turned up and boobs hanging down!’ Ugh! She is just so annoying and now she’s just plain rude.”

The Countess, LuAnn de Lesseps, who everyone knows is the picture of poise and etiquette, also had problems with the way Amanda presented herself.

“What’s going on with Aviva’s image consultant ‘Amanda’ and why does she need to bring her everywhere?” LuAnn wrote on her blog. “Seriously, if Aviva’s trying to stay out of trouble, Amanda’s the wrong choice for a wingman. We were there to support Sonja regardless of how we felt about her performance and Amanda’s comments were way out-of-line, especially with people she barely knows.”

Even Ramona Singer, who wasn’t at the event because she was on a safari in Africa, weighed in on Twitter.

“Amanda is like a bad rash LOL,” Ramona tweeted.

And it looks like this is one rash that won’t be going away anytime soon. Let’s all hope that Heather decks her in the face next week. 

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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Gina Pusateri

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