Tonight we lie on our beds and put this episode on repeat in a salute to Carole King. It’s an interesting choice for American Idol, and I’m eager to see how this group pulls it off, but it could be a pleasant surprise like Burt Bacharach week turned out to be in the past. If you’re less familiar with Carole King, you may find yourself wondering, “Who gets to sing ‘I Feel the Earth Move’?” We shall see, as the American Idol Top 6 sing solos and duets (because God forbid an episode should be only an hour long) from the Carole King songbook.

The judges took on a new attitude last week, we’ll see if they keep it up this week. Jacob is looking like a used car salesman again, and it looks like Lauren is doing that hair thing where part of it is blonde and the bottom part is black. Also, is there something wrong with Steven Tyler’s legs or is that just the way he walks? Tonight is full of mystery.

Casey Abrams is getting jazzy again this week, and his rehearsal turned into a jam session. I really enjoy Casey, and while I think he was an early favorite to win, he’s slowly falling out of the voters’ favor. That doesn’t change how musically hip this kid is, though, or that saxophone lady is back! Casey did his thing tonight, just growling and, for lack of a better word, “jamming.” If I had to guess, I’d say that Casey is the band’s favorite contestant to work with. The judges weren’t totally excited, but seemed to like it.

saxophoneladyisback.jpgHaley Reinhart is next, singing “Beautiful.” She wore her craziest headband to rehearsal. Haley and I have been on a long road together, but I’m really coming around on her. Her voice is so great for Carole King’s songs, I’ve been most excited to see her this week. We’re learning that she’s a lot smarter than we originally thought. I really liked it, and thought it was one of her most exciting performances. The judges liked it, too. Jennifer said Haley is one of the best voices in the competition (but hasn’t she said that to almost everyone?), and Randy didn’t like the beginning but liked the end. Sometimes I don’t get you, Randy.

Haleyscrazyheadband.jpgLast but not least, we have a duet from Jacob Lusk and James Durbin. Will they just yell at each other for two minutes? They seemed a little trepidatious about doing a duet together, and I was worried about listening to it. It was kind of goofy and fun, with their white pants and yelling. Not bad, not amazing. It happened. The duets, in general, seemed like a throwaway tonight.

But Carole King! Wow, right? I’m going to go download Tapestry.

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