The CW has granted five of its series early pickups for next season, and one of those pickups is the best news I’ve heard all day. No, week. No, LIFE:

America’s Next Top Model cycle 17 will be an “all-star edition” starring memorable models from previous cycles.

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Tyra, I don’t know if this was your idea, but if it was, it’s your best idea since Andre Leon Talley. Harvard done you right, girl.

Who do you think will be in the cast? Obviously, all our former winners are probably out, but that still leaves droves of girls with big personalities (and the potential for big drama) for the cast. The names already swirling in my head: Toccara. The twins, Michelle and Amanda. Jael. Shanthrax?! JADE. Angelea. Crazy Lisa! Granola-stealing Bre! Kayla from last season! Oh, the possibilities.

Tell me who you’d like to see on Top Model All-Stars! I’ll be posting my wishlist later this week.

(Image courtesy of the CW)