We were all surprised and upset to see Jet and Cord, the Amazing Race Cowboys, eliminated this week after the teams shared information with each other and conspired to shut the cowboys out. As we may have expected, Jet is just as nice as can be. We asked him about his experience on The Amazing Race and his feelings on how that final leg turned out.

Your team was definitely a fan favorite, and people were pretty upset that you were eliminated because all the other teams shared information. How do you feel about the way that final leg was played? Do you think it was fair for the other teams to conspire against you?

I can’t say that it was unfair. If I would have gotten the information I would have been happy with it too.

We didn’t really get to see it on the show but did you still have to eat all that fondue? It seems like you already knew you were in last place at that point.

We knew we were in last. We just did the best we could.

Our readers want to know what happened when you left Gary behind when you were measuring Liechtenstein. Was that on purpose? How important is the social aspect of the Race, versus just racing really well?

I didn’t leave him on purpose. My bike was faster than his and we were both lost. I just decided to be lost on my own. The social aspect plays a part in but Cord and I just tried to run the best race we could. We didn’t feel like we had to team up to win.

What do you think was your biggest mistake on this season of The Amazing Race? What held you up the most?

I didn’t feel like we made any huge mistakes. It’s hard to win when everyone else is playing together. That’s just the way it turned out.

What was your favorite memory from the Race and which challenge did you enjoy the most?

Winning the leg in China was a highlight for me. I enjoy the challenge of coming from behind, and when things come together, it’s a good feeling.

Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?

I don’t have an axe to grind but I still think we can win The Amazing Race.

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