In today’s News Round-Up, we’ve got an update and clarification on this week’s two themes that the Top 4 will perform. David Archuleta has a new album coming out later this year, while Adam Lambert’s new album is streaming online for free. And Carrie Underwood reaches yet another milestone in her career.

California Dreamin’ and Songs I Wish I Had Written

Last week when the first Top 4 theme was announced, Idol fans everywhere, including myself, were confused over what exactly “California Dreamin'” meant. But we now have a clarification from executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who replied to fan tweets over the weekend:

“RT @1SWIFTGOMEZfan: hey what is @AmericanIdol theme this week.[#1SONGS FROM BANDS OR SINGERS FROM CALIFORNIA.#2 SONGS I WISH I’D WRITTEN.]”

So there it is: #1 songs from bands or singers from California. And in the above tweet, Lythgoe announced the second theme for the night, which will be “Songs I Wish I Had Written.” And that begs the question again, what does that even mean? It’s very open-ended, which could be a good thing for the singers. And he even clarified this theme as well:

“RT @NOthisispatrck:can you explain the 2nd theme? Idol fans are quite puzzled [HAVE YOU EVER HEARD INSPIRATIONAL LYRICS YOU JUST RELATE TO?]”

David Archuleta’s New Album: Begin

Archie fans all over the country and world are probably salivating right now upon hearing the news that David Archuleta will be releasing a new album this year. You may be wondering, but isn’t he on a Mormon mission right now? Yes, he is. I’m sure he recorded it before he left.

The new album is called Begin, and will be released on August 7, 2012. And according to his official website, the album will have a blend of original tracks and cover songs. At this time, no pre-order options are available yet.

First Listen: Adam Lambert’s Trespassing

Adam Lambert’s sophomore album, Trespassing, does not come out until next Tuesday, but he’s allowing us fans to listen to the entire album for free right now. The album includes the title track, his first single “Better Than I Know Myself” and his current single “Never Close Your Eyes.” This free, online stream includes the bonus tracks from the deluxe edition.

The Top Idol Album Sales

The latest music sales numbers from the past week were just released this morning. And congratulations are in order, as Carrie Underwood‘s new album, Blown Away, has debuted at #1, selling 267,000 copies. This is her third #1 album, after Carnival Ride and Play On. And if that’s not impressive enough, Blown Away has the second highest selling album of the year (the top honor goes to Madonna’s MDNA).

What other Idols are at the top of the charts? According to USA Today:

Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger at #46 on Billboard 200, Selling 10,000 units (Total Sales: 776,000)

Scotty McCreery’s Clear As Day at #70, Selling 6,000 units (Total: 1.041 million)

Carrie Underwood‘s Some Hearts at #138, Selling 3,000 units (Total: 7.196 million)

Daughtry’s Break the Spell at #157, Selling 3,000 units (Total: 437,000)  

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