This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for! Welcome to the live recap of the season 2 finale of The Voice! It has been a long, long road, folks. There have been tears, laughs, yelling, bling-bling flashing, random celebrity pop-ups, really bad song choices, crazy costumes, and shocking game changers, but it all led up to tonight. Tonight the second season winner of The Voice will be crowned.

So we’ve waited for 13 weeks to see who will come out on top. It’s only right that they make us wait another two hours. You heard it right! Be ready for a two-hour special filled with performances. Each of our celebrity coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, will perform. Plus, there will be guest performances from artists Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Lady Antebellum and Hall & Oates.

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We start off with some random questions from Carson Daly.

On Jermaine Paul’s future –

Blake: “I think it’s wide open.”

On Chris Mann’s connection with America –

Christina: “He makes it look so effortless.”

On how Juliet Simms inspires him –

Cee Lo: “I really appreciate her and I’m a loyalist.”

Piece of advice to Tony Lucca –

Adam: “I truly believe that any one of these contestants deserves to win.”

Group Performance – Jermaine Paul

Artists: Jamar Rodgers, Pip and James Massone
Song: “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5
Okay, so I guess we’ll just be seeing some fun performances tonight. I’ll just say that I’m glad no one is judging this. Welcoming Jamar back is definitely the best thing about this even though the dance moves are pretty cute.

Carson: “Take that boy bands!”

Sprint Lounge

Christina Milian stands with The Voice boy band including Jermaine, Jamar, James and Pip. Milian makes a huge slip up claiming that “Jamar brings back Jermaine.” Oops! It would have been fantastic to also have Jamar in the final four, though.

The Voice Blooper Reel

We see Christina bark at Blake, Cee Lo chew on a scarf, Adam flub the word “metamorphesis,” and Christina claim that she’s not going fishing with Blake anymore. That was fun! They should have done that a lot earlier!

Flo Rida

Artist: Juliet Simms
Song: “Whistle” & “Wild Ones”
It kicks off with “Whistle.” Flo (Can I call him that?) walks around with a few female dancers. Then the song fades and here comes little miss Team Cee Lo. Juliet walks onstage taking over Sia’s part on the original song. How awesome for Juliet! Great performance!

Aww! Christina’s little boy, Max, has come out to join her, sitting in her lap. He holds a fan in front of his face, but he has a cute head of hair!

Group Performance – Chris Mann

Artists: Lindsey Pavao & Katrina Parker
Song: “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve
While Chris and Lindsey match in their ensemble choices, his vocals sound better when alongside Katrina’s. Actually … Adam is really rocking his neck back and forth, but the ladies could stay back, way, way back. Chris could be out there alone. Then those last “OOOOOOHHHHHHs” were just plain unnecessary.

Sprint Lounge

Milian is hanging out with Flo Rida. He says that performing Whistle for the first time was “amazing.” He also says that Christina has a wonderful voice, but she replies with “we’re wearing leather together. He likes me.” Really?


There’s a special package prepared which shows Blake and Adam talking about one another. They have even put the two on the cover of People magazine as “The Odd Couple.” Christina says, “I get very uncomfortable watching some of the goo-goo eyes.” Cee Lo suggests something that’s called, “a Cee Lo-mance.” In the end, Blake says that he does not have a crush on Adam. It’s shifted and he now has a crush on Carson!

Hall & Oates

Artists: Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca and Chris Mann
Song: “Rich Girl”
How cool can it be to perform with legendary artists such as Hall & Oates? The guys, Jermaine, Tony and Chris, aren’t really given much to do as background singers. Everyone once in awhile they’ll give an “Ohh” or an “Ahh,” but that’s about it. The guitar solo is definitely something to mention, though.

Coach’s Techniques

Adam: “Blake is hysterically funny.”

Adam: “Cee Lo is a ladies man.”

Blake: “Christina’s edge as a coach is that whole diva thing she has happening.”

Christina: “Oh my goodness Adam, he is a salesman, man.”

Group Performance

Cheesa, Naia Kete, Sera Hill, and Kim Yarbrough
Song: “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder
Toss a bunch of divas in a room with a Stevie Wonder album and this is what happens. The ladies sound good, yet they’re all trying to out sing the other. Cheesa could turn it down a few notches. Sera and Naia could possibly turn it up. They could cut out all of the ad-libbing. Wow. Loved the music behind the vocals, though! By the way, all of these singers were eliminated … what’s the purpose of this?

The Voice
Meets Parks and Rec

It’s a mini episode of Parks and Recreation! Ron gets his own The Voice chair. He uses it to avoid any and all conversations. Cee Lo makes an appearance, judging Andy’s audition. Instead of turning around … he walks away. Lastly, Leslie wants Cee Lo to hand her CD to either Adam or Blake. When he suggests that he could listen to it, she replies, “Nah!” How cute!

Group Performance – Juliet Simms

Artists: RaeLynn, Jamar Rodgers, Erin Willett
Song: “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Joe Cocker
This might be a favorite group performance, right here (with the exception of one younger eliminated contestant). Juliet, Jamar and Erin sound fantastic, showcasing their soulful vocal abilities. By the way, Jamar was asked to sing on two songs as we can now see. It’s good to see that he’s doing well and others appreciate him, obviously.

Sprint Lounge

Milian is now with Juliet, Jamar, RaeLynn and Erin. “Like she’s someone that I look up to,” says Erin on Juliet. Such love going on back there! Aww!

Purrfect the Cat

Blake: “God, I can’t stand that thing!”

Adam: “I think he’s on drugs.”

The cat has his own Twitter!! What?! Really? Can we just get on with announcing the winner?

Lady Antebellum
“Wanted You More”
I have to say that I’m very happy that the show’s contestants have been left out of this performance. Leave it to the professionals this time. The Grammy-winning trio delivers another great performance! Love the song!

Group Performance – Tony Lucca

Artists: Jordis Unga
Song: “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac
Perhaps it’s the heels, but Jordis looks to be holding back tonight. Tony is out there and having fun with it. I think it is her super tight and glitzy dress that’s keeping her from being as free and fun as her friend. They sound great together, though.

Okay, so Kenan Thompson is pretending to be Cee Lo while holding a fake Purrfect. They’re judging cats. That was very random and very not needed.

Sprint Lounge

Milian is surrounded by … everyone. There is a lot of people swarmed around this tiny couch. “I think that we’ve all got so close that I kinda feel as nervous as they do,” says Pip. They each give their ideas on who will win. Erin announces that they’re going to “go play hide and go seek for Justin Bieber backstage.” Then she gets hit in the head with Milian’s microphone. Do we have to check in anymore?

Rock Star Treatment

Basically, they show the contestants on the red carpet, in an after-party and winning free Kia vehicles! “I don’t have a car, so I need that!” exclaims Juliet.

Justin Bieber
Talk about a spectacle! Strobe lights, a rhinestone jacket, dancers, fog machine. The winner of The Voice has things like these to look forward to. All of the coaches seem to be into it. It’s a cute performance, I must say. I’m sure everyone will want gold boots after tonight. Yes, gold boots.

Sprint Lounge

Milian is back for a final time (hopefully) with Juliet, Chris, Jermaine and Tony. They each express what they’d like to share with the world. Chris makes  it a point to say how Justin Bieber has been a big part of their lives as of the last few weeks. Great last words, Chris.

And The Winner Is …

Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms and Chris Mann stand on the stage, waiting their fate.

Jermaine: “Winning would mean the world to me.”

Chris: “I feel like I kind of grew into my own.”

Juliet: “This is my childhood dream and I’m standing here right now.”

Tony: “It feels like all of the work that I’ve done up to this point wasn’t in vain.”

Carson: “This is it! Are you ready?”

Fourth Place: Chris Mann

Third Place: Tony Lucca

Second Place: Juliet Simms

Winner: Jermaine Paul

A very tearful Jermaine: “I just wanna say thank you to everybody who voted for me! … God bless ya’ll, man! Nobody but Jesus, man!”

Season Two Winner Jermaine Paul
“I Believe I Can Fly”
They’re seriously going to make him sing right now? He can barely speak for all the tears coming out of him. He hugs his wife while singing and crying. This is kind of beautiful to watch, actually. Congratulations, Jermaine! I know that he will do wonderfully in his career!

Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey to find America’s next best singing sensation with The Voice! Take care and until next season, farewell!

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