Has there been a general consensus yet that this will be the last season of American Idol? No? That’s weird, because it seems like Idol mainstays, new and old, are already looking ahead to a future that doesn’t include the singing competition juggernaut.

Is it because of The X-Factor, guys? Is it because you heard Nicole Scherzinger might be the host? Relax, she could never hold a candle to you, Ryan Seacrest! But rumor has it Ryan Seacrest is developing alternative plans, with a new network. Seacrest already probably owns everything without us knowing it, but it looks like he could be leaving FOX after his 11-year contract with American Idol is up. And what is he leaving for? Another singing show!

Seriously, Ryan? Seriously. Ryan Seacrest Productions is/are working on, “another music concept, which is a totally different kind of competition show.” NBC’s Paul Telegdy says, “It is self-contained episodes. It is a bit more fun. It’s not contestant-competitive, it’s artist-competitive.” What does that even mean?! [PopCrunch]

Jennifer Lopez is also looking ahead, with her new reality show she’s working on with her husband, Marc Anthony. The show will be called Q’Viva! The Chosen and is, again, totally not like American Idol. It’s more of a docu-series following Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as they search for a superstar in North America, Central America and South America. The show will be filmed in three languages and broadcast across 21 different countries. Jennifer Lopez is international and beautiful. I just have one question, though. Why didn’t she use ol’ Marc in her new music video for “I’m Into You”? (We know the answer). [Deadline]

Meanwhile, Randy Jackson is asking “What’s Next?” and working on whatever this is (courtesy of @YO_RANDYJACKSON, my favorite verified Twitter account), and Steven Tyler used to snort Lunesta. Every Superstar has a dream.

(Image courtesy of FOX)

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