Four celebrity singer-coaches wasn’t enough star-power for The Voice, which premiered this week to mostly positive reviews (I liked it, even though some of you accused me of being too mean. Ohhh, joookes.) and high (for NBC) ratings. When the competition enters the “Battle Stage,” each coach will be joined by another talented, famous “adviser” who will help out his/her team of ingenue singers.

The coaches chose their own advisers, and the match-ups will be as follows. From NBC’s press release:

“Aguilera (@therealxtina) will team up with singer/songwriter Sia (@Siamusic), Levine (@adamlevine) with Maroon 5 Music Director Blackstone (@bassicblack), Green (@CeeLoGreen) with singer Monica (@MonicaMyLife), and Shelton (@blakeshelton) with veteran singer Reba (@Reba) — eventually cutting their teams in half by pitting two of their own artists against each other in a series of dueling duets.”

OH MY GOD I LOVE SIA. Do you guys know Sia? She’s the best. So naturally she is paired up with Xtina who is also, for different and sometimes ironic reasons, totally the best.

But you know what? Monica and Reba are also the best. So much best up in here! Cee Lo and Blake are in good hands. The dark horse, it would seem, is Adam Blackstone (Adam ‘n’ Adam!), who is the only producer rather than vocalist in the bunch. But his resume is extremely impressive and, as a producer, he might actually be most equipped to give articulate, well-rounded feedback to Levine’s mentees.

What’s your favorite Sia/Reba/Monica/Blackstone jam? I want to know and/or get a link in the comments. And now we will watch some music videos of my favorites, because I’m the boss around here:

Monica: “The First Night”
You probably thought I was going to pick “The Boy is Mine,” huh? But you also probably forgot about the amazing wardrobe choices (WHITE ARM CUFFS!) that are featured in Monica’s first date abstinence anthem, “The First Night.”

Reba McEntire: “Fancy”
I mean, duh. DUH. If I just watched this video over and over for the rest of my life I’d still rate my life at least a 7 out of 10. You guys thought I didn’t know country, but what you didn’t know is that I am ALL ABOUT classic country. Rebaaaa!

Sia: “Buttons”
She’s so weird. The vocal/brain harmonies of Sia and Xtina (even their names sound awesome together) are sure to be spectacular. (PS: I love this song, but I love this remix of it even more.)

Adam Blackstone with Eminem and Jay-Z: “Renegade”
He’s not only a producer, he’s also a musician to the stars. That’s him on bass here with Eminem and Jay-Z, and according to NBC, “Blackstone’s work currently can be heard on tour with Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Kid Cudi.” Adam gets around!

Great adviser choices, The Voice. I sincerely mean that. And now you have all their Twitter information so you can @ them with your own support. Neat!

The Voice continues blind auditions Tuesday, May 3 at 9PM on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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