David Cook is a pretty normal dude, or at least that’s how he comes off on TV.  From Middle America, wearer of silly facial hair, former high school musical participant, and not one of those rockers interested in being super-cool all the time, David Cook is a likable person.  Maybe you aren’t a fan of his music, or his various interpretations of the songs he sings, but you have to admit that he’s found a niche, stuck to it, and consistently performed at a high level throughout the entire American Idol season.  If you remember, Cook was often derided by Simon Cowell early in the season for his lack of personality.  To his credit, this Cowell chiding did not inspire a change in persona from Cook.  He remained resolute in his unassuming nature and, in the process, came off as genuine – a trait imperative for any up and coming rock singer.  If you stay on American Idol long enough, the media and the judges and the whole entire production will create a shining persona for you.  But, all of that wouldn’t mean anything if David Cook wasn’t immensely talented – thankfully, he is. Here are the reasons why David Cook will win American Idol.

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Archuleta Backlash

It’s gotten to the point where people are outwardly against David Archuleta.  Even those who remain indifferent towards Cook seem to have a stake in the upcoming finale.  There will be votes FOR Archuleta and votes FOR Cook, but there will also be a ton of votes AGAINST Archuleta.  As stated above, Cook’s unassuming personality hasn’t inspired animosity towards him as it has for Archuleta.  As sad as it may be, it’s a lot easier for some people to be inspired to vote against someone rather than for someone.

Three Songs

If we are to assume that Tuesday’s performance show will have a bearing on the final vote and that there are at least some viewers out there who have yet to choose their allegiance (and we’d have to be very cynical to presume otherwise), then Cook has the upper hand.  He is far more adept at switching genres and mixing it up than Archuleta.  With both singers having to perform three different songs on Tuesday, it’s safe to assume that Archuleta will fail on one of them (that is, unless he performs three versions of the same “slow ballad” song), while Cook could very easily excel on each performance.  The three songs can only help Cook and can only hurt Archuleta.  I can’t imagine many undecided voters leaning towards Archie after Tuesday.

Cook is Better

I know music is subjective and hordes of Archuleta fans would vehemently argue the basic premise of this point, but still…David Cook is better.  He’s a better singer.  He’s a better performer.  He’s more likable.  He’s more flexible.  He can play an instrument.  He chooses better songs.  He connects with the audience.  There’s nothing Archuleta can do that Cook can’t do better.  I’m trying to be objective here.  For instance, I liked Brooke White a hell of a lot more than Archuleta, but I can admit that Archie is a better all-around singer.  Likewise, I can’t blame anyone for liking Archuleta better than Cook, despite his overwhelming inferiority.  But, in the end, the American Idol crown should go to the best singer.  David Cook is the better singer.

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