Finding Easter Eggs on an episode Lost isn’t easy. Sometimes the producers seem overly eager to fill every last frame with wondrous fun little extras. Other times, they’re few and far between. In last night’s first part of the three-part season 4 finale, it was the latter.

Perhaps there’s an inverse corrollation between the number of Easter Eggs and the number of answers in a given episode. “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1” answered so many questions raised earlier this season that there was no time or room for Easter Eggs.

Hurley’s weight, Kate’s baby timeline, the Orchid Station, the reappearance of the numbers, a huge guest cast of returning characters, all of these are typically the fodder for Easter Eggs. In last night’s episode, they were front and center.

If I was to nitpick about the episode, I’d probably say that it seemed to answer more questions than it did. We were shown that the press had questions about the fact that, in order for Kate to be Aaron’s mother, she would’ve had to have been six months pregnant when the marshals took her aboard the plane. So the show acknowledged our own question, but only gave a non-answer.

Jack finally realized Claire was his sister, but we already knew that. Sayid found Nadia, but we already knew they would be married within one year of his return. We learned that the secondary protocol is about the Orchid Station, but those of you who read last week’s Easter Eggs already knew that.

In fact, the only truly awe-inspiring moment, for me at least, was the fact that Sun buys a controlling interest in her father’s company. Those who followed The Lost Experience or who read Bad Twin know that, if those sources are even remotely part of the Lost official canon, that Paik Heavy Industries does work with both the Hanso Group and Widmore Industries. As such, I can only assume that Sun’s ownership of this business will play an important role in the future.

When I shared this theory with fellow BuddyTV writer Oscar Dahl, he raised an interesting point. Would the Oceanic settlement really be enough to buy a controlling interest in her father’s business? Does Sun have help or a silent partner? Equally pressing is the fact that she claims her father is one of two people responsible for Jin’s “death.” Who is the other?

Now onto the Easter Eggs, which feature some numbers, some names and, for the second week in a row, Geronimo Jackson.

#1 – Membata

In Karen Decker’s presentation, she claimed the island the Oceanic 6 crashed on was called Membata, which is the Indonesian word for “doubt” or “uncertainty.” With clues like that, it’s kind of impossible to believe that the press would so easily go along with this story.

There are conspiracy theorists out there who claim we never landed on the moon or that our government caused 9/11. Does this show really want us to believe that this completely flimsy story concocted by the Oceanic 6 would hold up under scrutiny?

#2 – Day 108, 15 Years

Though the Numbers made their most prominent appearance in Hurley’s car, they were elsewhere as well. While going over the specifics about how the Oceanic 6 made it off the island, Karen Decker explained that they finally shipped off on day 108, which is the sum of the Numbers, and also the number of minutes between each press of the button back in the Swan Station.

The other Number came when Ben opened his old foot locker for the mirror. Hurley saw a pack of crackers, and as expected, ate them, despite Ben’s warning that they were 15 years old. The fact that Hurley’s instinct is to eat first and ask questions later is almost as funny as the expression on his face in this screencap.

#3 – Live Together…

Lost has produced many popular catchphrases (“Don’t tell me what I can’t do” and “Dude”), but none is more repetitive and annoying than Jack’s “Live together, die alone.” Heck, even Rose promised to break her foot off in his behind if he uttered it again.

The phrase made a brief, subtle comeback last night when Jack and Kate met up with Miles and Sawyer. Jack said he was going after the helicopter and asked everyone else to go back to the beach. But Sawyer followed after him, saying, “You don’t get to die alone.” Annoying as Jack’s mantra was, it certainly seemed to seep into Sawyer’s thick skull.

#4 – Geronimo Jackson

At Hurley’s surprise party, one of the records at the DJ booth was the classic Geronimo Jackson album we’ve seen through the series. Personally, I’d have preferred some Drive Shaft.



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