What if I were to tell you that a Schwimmer from FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance is currently “hanging out” and may be romantically involved with a David from FOX’s American Idol?  Could you guess who it is?  So many possibilities.  If you guessed David Hernandez and Benji Schwimmer, you’re close, but incorrect.  It’s being reported that American Idol Top 6 finalist, and a favorite to reach the final results show, David Cook has been breaking curfew and “hanging out” with So You Think You Can Dance participant Lacey Schwimmer.  The two met first when practicing for the So You Think Can Dance/American Idol opening number for Idol Gives Back.  Though this “romance” may appear to be a simple rumor, Lacey’s publicist all but confirmed the fact a couple of days back, saying the two have been “hanging out a lot lately.”  Things got more intriguing after last night’s American Idol results show, when a female fan asked David Cook if he were single.  Cook responded by looking straight into the camera and said, “Yes, yes I am.”

The purported romance between these two doesn’t much interest me.  The gossip column culture we live in makes me uncomfortable.  It’s such an absurd, contrived way to treat quasi-celebrities.  For instance, take a look at some quotes from an unnamed source to OK Magazine, with apparent information about American Idol’s David Cook and Lacey Schwimmer:

“Lacey met David during rehearsals and they had an intense chemistry immediately!  They were totally flirting and she was joking with him saying, ‘Don’t make your heart rate go up too high.’ They have the same sense of humor.”

Think if someone was saying this about a person you had just met.  Ir’s weird. Here’s a quote regarding Lacey’s supposed ex, Hok Konishi from Lacey’s So You Think You Can Dance season:

“Hok totally noticed and you could tell he was jealous. He was Lacey’s first boyfriend — her first love — but by the end of the [Idol Gives Back] rehearsal Lacey and David exchanged numbers.”

Besides the unbelievable omniscience and access that this source has, they have a certain propensity for using the “totally.”  Like I said, I don’t care if these two get together, but I’m willing to bet that this story has been blown out of proportion.  I personally found Ms. Schwimmer to be somewhat annoying during her So You Think You Can Dance season, so I’d like to think the newly famous Cook could do a little better.  But, who am I to argue with young love and OK Magazine?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: OK Magazine, RealityTV World
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Oscar Dahl

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