It seemed that every fan of America’s Next Top Model was convinced that Anya Kop would be crowned the cycle 10 winner this past Wednesday night. Yet, it was full figured model Whitney Thompson who ended up taking home the crown. Perhaps it was the way the show was edited but the race between Whitney and Anya was a lot closer than one may think.  The two were equal on many levels but Whitney had Anya beat in one area that the judges just couldn’t ignore.  Here’s a look back at Anya’s and Whitney’s Top Model moments and see why Whitney was crowned the winner.

Anya and Whitney were voted Cover Girl of the Week one time each in cycle 10. ANTM fans seemed to be pulling much more for Claire, who was voted Cover Girl of the Week 5 times during the season, more than any other model. Both Anya and Whitney won 3 challenges during cycle 10. However, Whitney landed in the bottom two 4 times during the season while Anya was the only model never to land there. In fact, Anya was called out first in judging more than any other model – 5 times to be exact.

Things started to go Whitney’s way when she made final six and headed to Italy. There, Whitney shined in two separate Cover Girl commercials, one in Italian and one in English. She proved to be a way better spokesmodel than Anya could hope to be, a quality that Tyra finds crucial for any ANTM winner. Whitney also had the distinction of being the show’s first full figured model and that earns the show a lot of press. Yes, she deserved it but it also gave the show a much needed jolt. Anya may have performed consistently throughout the season but Whitney had the whole package, which is why she was the last model standing in cycle 10.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV