American Idol is sending four poor souls home tonight: Who will they be?  The four eliminated singers will almost certainly come from this group: Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, Robbie Carrico, Chikezie Eze, Amanda Overmyer, Kady Malloy, Kristy Lee Cook, Asia’h Epperson, and Alaina Whitaker.  I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those contestants went home tonight on American Idol.  It’s a very wide open field.  With the large group of singers left, there’s bound to be some big surprises – I guarantee the audience tonight will be caught totally off-guard with at least one of the eliminations.  I’ll be here throughout the hour updating live on who is safe and who is taking that long ride into the sunset.  I’m all jacked up on coffee and rarin’ to go.  Keep refreshing the page to get the most recent updates.

OK, just so everyone knows, here are my elimination predictions tonight:

Guys: Jason Yeager and Luke Menard
Girls: Amanda Overmyer and Kristy Lee Cook

I was three out of four last week and I think I can do the same tonight.

31 million votes.  Good work, America.  Nothing interesting about what Seacrest or any of the judges are wearing tonight.

Randy uses the word “yesteryear.”  Somehow, I think this is noteworthy.  Paula giggles for no reason.  Seacrest points out that Simon has been doing this half-antler/half-moose hand signal.  Simon says it’s a code. 

Group song!  Group song!  Michael Johns starts it off, followed by David Cook.  I don’t recognize the song.  The girls scream when David Archuleta starts singing.  Silly teenage girls.  The ladies begin singing and Kristy Lee shows us why she should go home.  And, AHHHHHH, so does Overmyer. 

I’m kind of sick to admit this: but I recognized that 10cc song, “The Things We Do For Love.” 

The cheese factor for the group song is, as always, astronomically high. 

We’re starting with the men tonight.  But, of course, in order to fill the hour we have to see a long recap of Tuesday’s performances. 

God, Yeager was terrible.  And, despite my better judgment, I kind of like Noriega.  He’s a pretty funny dude.

Jason Yeager, Danny Noriega, Chikezie, Jason Castro and Michal Johns stand up.

Michael Johns is safe. 

Chikezie is safe.

Jason Castro is safe. 

Down to Noriega and Yeager.

Jason Yeager has been eliminated.  One for one.  Unfortunately, we have to listen to Yeager perform one last time.  He’s still makes me feel gross – it’s kind of like seeing a Tijuana donkey show (I would imagine). 

Time for a lady to get kicked to the curb.  First, the recap of last night.  Carly was really good last night.  I’m still holding onto my (maybe) irrational dislike for her, at least for one more week.  Amanda Overmyer’s hair last night was obscene. 

Back row stands up:  It’s Kristy Lee, Amanda, Alexandrea, Brooke and Asia’h.

Kristy Lee is safe.  Damn, that goes one of my picks.

Asia’h is safe.  Brooke is safe.

Down to Amanda and Alexandrea. 

Alexandrea Lushington has been eliminated. 

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  What the hell is wrong with you, America?  I hate you voters. 

ANother female elimination.

Carly Smithson, Alaina, Ramiele, Syesha and Kady.  It’s probably Kady who’s gone.

Carly is safe.  Duh.

Ramiele is safe. 

Syesha is safe.

Down to Alaina and Kady.  They were both in the bottom three.

Alaina Whitaker has been eliminated. 

WOW!!! I knew there would be some surprises, but this is crazy.  Alaina starts immediately crying.  She cries out that she can’t sing.  America – you’ve been wrong twice tonight. 

All the ladies come join Alaina on stage to help her sing.  She pulls it together and does a pretty good job.

Cat Deeley is in the house.

On March 11, the Top 12 will perform for the first time.  Ruben Studdard has performed a song.  New stage, new graphics.  And, for the first time, they’ll be performing Beatles songs.  It will be both awesome and horrific.  I can’t wait.  And, Idol Gives Back will return in early April.  Gotta respect Idol for usiung their fame and outreach for something good.  Idol Gives Back was also one helluva good show last year. 

Final elimination:  It’s between Luke Menard and Robbie Carrico.

Robbie Carrico has been eliminated.  Not a big surprise, but Luke gets a lucky pass.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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