The Hawthornes’ problems just won’t go away on American Gothic. It seems like everyone’s struggling. Tessa’s worried her baby’s going to be a murderer, Jack’s already on his way becoming a murderer and Cam’s in rehab. Plus, a reporter somehow manages to get all of this inside information on them. Meanwhile, Brady and Cutter are searching for Mitch’s accomplice.

Garrett Tries To Do Some Good

American Gothic’s “Kindred Spirits” begins with Garrett trying to take out a ton of money from the bank. The banker says he wants to call his mom to ask if he can take $200,000 out. Apparently, it’s in the family’s best interest that Garrett gets the money. Garrett manages to get the money and goes to see Christina in the hospital, but she’s taking some time off. So he drops the bag of money off and says that it’s for the clinic.

Garrett goes home and tells Madeline he gave the money away because it “felt like the right ting to do.”

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Cam Goes To Rehab

Cam goes to rehab and one of the staff members, April, says she’s a big fan of his comics. Then she gets him to open up about his addiction and tells him that he’s perfectly capable of changing despite his genetics.

Cam and April continue to bond when Sophie visits and she seems pretty uncomfortable about with this new friendship. Sophie and Cam talk alone and Cam says he wants to write a graphic novel, which April suggested. Sophie says that she should give getting clean “a whirl” since both Cam and Jack are working on themselves now.

Sophie then tries to get April fired by saying that April was trying to make money by getting Cam to write the book. April then tells Cam about it and asks him about his relationship with heroin. He describes how much he loves it and hates it and how it screws up his life and demands his attention. She then asks about his relationship with Sophie and he realizes they’re exactly the same. 

So Cam tells Sophie that they’re over for good. He’s taking responsibility and making a decision not to “reverse.” Their dysfunction fuels them, but Cam doesn’t want this anymore.

Jack Heads To Camp

Before she takes Jack to camp, Tessa has an appointment with her doctor, but the doctor can’t find the baby’s heartbeat. She also lies about Brady knowing that she’s pregnant.

Then Tessa takes Jack to camp, and it turns out to be a therapy camp. Jack says his mom said that there was nothing wrong with him, but the camp director says that he’s just different. Then the director asks Tessa about Jack’s family history. Mitch’s problems could have been genetic. This, of course, gets Tessa worried about her baby.

Jack, meanwhile, calls Garrett and tells him that he needs to get out, but Garrett tells him to make the most of it. Well, he’s going to. Jack meets a girl named Sadie and has an immediate crush. Sadie wants to leave camp too. So, Jack tells her about Garrett’s cabin near the camp and how Garrett was a serial killer suspect whose girlfriend stabbed him, so Sadie’s interested.

Jack and Sadie bust out of camp and make it to Garrett’s cabin, but it’s pretty sparse. However, things just get creepier and creepier. Sadie finds a crossbow and wants to shoot things off each other’s heads. Jack almost agrees to it, but changes his mind at the last minute. Sadie’s pretty disappointed. 

Does Tessa Have MAOA?

After talking to the camp director, Tessa tells Garrett about MAOA, a gene that incites violence. She tells Garrett she’s pregnant and she’s scared she’s going to pass that gene on. She hasn’t told Brady because he doesn’t have time for her and she hasn’t even heard the heart beat yet. Garrett offers to go back to the doctor with her.

Where Is Jennifer Windham Getting Her Stories?

The family has some other big problems as well. The reporter Jennifer Windham, who was flirting with Tom, has been reporting a ton of stories about them and she has a lot of sensitive information, which means someone close to them is leaking information. Madeline thinks it’s Naomi, but Alison says it’s not. Then Alison suggests they give the reporter “what she wants.”

So Alison and Madeline go to see the reporter. Alison says they’ll give her an exclusive interview if she stops, but she doesn’t take the deal.

Alison and Madeline then tell Garrett that their meeting didn’t go well, so he tells them he’ll find the reporter’s source.

Garrett and Alison go on a stake out, and they notice Tom leaving Jennifer’s house. Is he the source?

So, Alison confronts Tom about Jennifer. He admits to sleeping with her one time. He went to see Jennifer today to try to find out where Jennifer got her information. He says he got involved with the wrong person. Then they agree they both need to be transparent.

Jennifer winds up breaking the news about the MAOA and Tessa’s pregnancy. This was private information that only Garrett and Tessa’s doctor knew, so Garrett realizes that they’d been bugged. He finds the bug in the kitchen, so Alison has to confront Tom about having sex with Jennifer at her mother’s house.

Alison later confronts Jennifer, who apologizes for bugging her and sleeping with her husband. And Alison basically tears her apart. She takes solace in knowing “at least I’m not you.” She says Jennifer could face five years in prison unless she reports good stories on her family. Then she has Jennifer take off her shirt and Alison cuts it and has her put it back on. She didn’t like her turtleneck. It’s super weird.

Jennifer winds up giving a great report and talks about the money Garrett donated. They all toast to Garrett.

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Who Was Mitch’s Accomplice?

Brady and Detective Cutter realize none of the Hawthornes had the car that the Silver Bells Killer (SBK) used. Brady also notices that the car SBK used had a dent. The car may have been in an accident, so they search for an accident report. They found one from a car owned by a man named James Camby. This could be the second half of SBK.

So Brady and Cutter track down the car’s owner to a pretty creepy house. But a blind woman opens the door and lets them in.

Brady takes pictures inside the house, but the woman knows he’s doing it. She tells them that James Camby was her husband, but he died 27 years ago. They ask her about the car. It was James’, but it was stolen 20 years ago. She didn’t report it because there wasn’t a point since she wasn’t using it. Mitch and his accomplice could have stolen it. They ask if she knew Mitch, but she doesn’t know that name. She doesn’t read the news, so she didn’t even know Mitch was the SBK. Brady’s not buying it. (I’m not either.)

Brady and Cutter go back to the station. They only have the belt and one piece of ceramic. Brady thinks there’s no evidence because the department’s creating a conspiracy, Cutter doesn’t buy it. She happens to show Brady Mitch’s funeral program. Brady was late to the funeral and didn’t get one, but he recognizes that the blind lady had one in her house. She lied.

Brady and Cutter go back to Mrs. Camby’s house. The problem? She’s been killed! Someone wanted to shut her up. They tell their boss and he casually brings up Tessa’s pregnancy. Brady confronts Tessa about not telling him. Then Tessa says she’s not sure if she wants the baby. She might have that gene and the baby will have an absentee father since Brady’s always gone. He finally admits he’s been so busy looking for Mitch’s accomplice.

Later, Garrett says that the baby might have MAOA, but it will also have Tessa and Brady as parents, which will count for a lot. So Tessa and Brady go to the doctor together and hear the heart beat. Tessa gets a text that Jack got kicked out of camp, so she goes to pick him up and tells Brady to finish the case so they can move on and be a family. Turns out, Jack was found with a knife so he had to leave. Tessa shows it to Brady and it matches a knife the SBK had. Brady asks where Jack got it. Garrett’s cabin, of course. Now Brady knows who the accomplice is.

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