Ty appeared as a member of the cast in the Oxygen network reality television series The Bad Girls Club. She admitted that she worked in pornography at one point. She describes herself as a “hustler,” having worked as an exotic dancer at strip clubs and making the rounds at pool tables, targeting easy marks that she could find. An orphan who grew up in foster care, she was forced to fend for herself from a young age, learning to depend on herself and to do anything she had to for survival.

She has also been in and out of jail as a juvenile, and has a history of running away from homes she’s been placed in. But she hides a caring side under her tough girl persona, as she tries to be an inspiration and positive influence for girls going through the same life problems that she has. She wants them to know that they’re not alone, and that they can push through. She also tried to pursue a career in songwriting, and is currently devoting her time and effort to her memoirs titled “Love Me or Hate Me.” She was booted off the show after she punched Aimee, while the girls were on a trip to the beach.

(Photo courtesy of Oxygen)

Birth Name

Ty Colliers




2006-2007: The Bad Girls Club (TV series)