Date Of Birth

April 12, 1978


Riley Smith Biography:

Born on April 12, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Riley Smith started modeling after a talent scout flew him New York City in time for the International Modeling Talent and Talent Association Convention. Smith was then hired by Tommy Hilfiger and subsequently appeared in one of the clothing company’s modeling campaign. He invested his earnings in acting classes, and after a few months, headed to Los Angeles. Since then, Smith has appeared in several film and television productions, such as Eight Legged Freaks, Not Another Teen Movie, Radio, New York Minute, The Plight of Clownana, Barely Legal, Chestnut Hill, White Air, Graduation, Weapons, One Missed Call, Gallowwalker, Joan of Arcadia, Summerland and Hawaii. Smith is now appearing in the television series, Drive.

Rob Laird, on the show Drive, is portrayed by Riley Smith. Rob is very much devoted to his wife, Ellie, but his loyalty to his country has often cut into their family time. Being an E-4 Specialist for the US Army has forced Rob to spend most of his time going in and out the country. He has been sent to Iraq twice, and his job has made Ellie constantly worry about his safety. While on leave, Ellie urged Rob to join “The Race,” and he complied, having felt guilty about often being away from her.

Ellie Laird (Mircea Monroe) and husband Rob Laird (Riley Smith)

(Photos courtesy of FOX)

Birth Name

Riley Smith


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